Go into any bookstore or click on over to Amazon and you’re sure to notice a whole different kind of book taking over the top-selling spaces. Yup, we’re talking adult coloring books. This fairly new pastime has exploded in popularity and become one of the most popular ways for grownups to release some stress and try their hand (literally) at a meditative act. Our own Cortney Clift tried replacing TV with coloring for a whole week to see if she felt more zen. And after a week of playing with crayons instead of bingeing on Netflix, she found that coloring book “meditation” might just provide the inspo necessary to try even more creative endeavors, like letterpressing or arranging flowers.

But it’s not just a low-stress way to deal with creative block. Psychologist Antoni Martinez told Huffington Post that she recommends coloring as a way to enter a “more creative,” restriction-free zone. Other psychologists go so far as to call coloring “meditative.” If you’re stressing about an early-morning meeting or you just need to unwind after a long day at the office, channeling your inner five-year old and letting the colors flow could be the easiest way to give your mind some well-deserved R+R.

Creativity benefits from constraints, which coloring books are great at providing. Whether you’ve already worked your way through a few coloring books or you just want to test the waters, we’ve got five free printables to get you started.

1. Today Is Going to Be Awesome: You can’t go wrong with a colorful piece of typography art. This cheery message might be just what you need to get in a better state of mind. (via In The Playroom)

2. Birds and Giraffes: Animal lovers will have fun filling in these adorable giraffes and cheery little birds. (via Easy Peasy and Fun)

3. Coloring Bookmarks: Put your pretty artwork to good use by printing out these bookmarks on solid card stock and tucking them into the book you’re reading. (via By Dawn Nicole)

4. Crazy Mandala: Depending on how detail-orientated you are, this coloring page will either delight you or terrify you. (via Art Is Fun)

5. Fresh Flowers: Whether you use crayons, pens or a dash of watercolor, this bouquet is pretty enough to keep around the house the rest of the summer. (via Day Coloring Pages)

Have you done any coloring lately? Tell us what you think of this creative trend in the comments below!

(h/t Huffington Post)