As we await the arrival of a Friends musical on Broadway (YAS!) and mourn the fact that we’ll likely never get a Friends reboot (BOO!), a new wild Friends theory is keeping the iconic show’s memory alive and well. It’s been dubbed #FriendsGate, and it’s pretty darn fantastic: In fact, we’d say it’s even juicier than the Gilmore Girls x Friends crossover theory that blew our minds last year!

Friends cast

It all started when Twitter user Ted Fox took a snap of the Season 4 DVD boxset and dropped a serious, life-changing question in the laps of Friends superfans around the world: Why the heck is Rachel Green the only one whose eyes are wide open while everyone else is seemingly napping around her?

Creating the hashtag #FriendsGate, Fox asked the Twitterverse to weigh in on his discovery with the wildest, funniest, most outlandish theories imaginable, and boy, did folks deliver! While there were plenty of compelling and hilarious responses (“She was the only one who knew life was gonna be that way, that her job was a joke, she’s broke, her love life DOA”), the front-running theory has us seriously shook: What if the show was merely one big dream of Rachel’s?

That’s what Phil Dunne believes, and there are plenty that would back him.

Still, there are those who are skeptical.

Oh. Em. Gee! We’re not sure what to believe anymore! Excuse us while we contemplate the entire show and our existence.

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(h/t Mashable; photo via NBC)