Now that summer is finally here, we鈥檙e prepping our palates for all of the seasonally inspired drinks that are making their way onto the scene. From blue wine to iced tea cocktails, we鈥檙e willing to try most anything that ends up in our cup. But now, we might not use that cup at all, as N1CE boozy popsicles are just what we鈥檝e been needing to nip the summer heat while keeping cool and chill (and maybe a tiny bit tipsy).

N1ce cocktail pops

They鈥檙e created by world-renowned DJs Ingrosso, Axwell and Alesso, so we have to assume the idea came to them while they were playing sets. As super overheated as DJs get, it makes perfect sense why they鈥檇 want to enjoy a cocktail popsicle.

You can choose between a Strawberry Daiquiri, Pi帽a Colada, Mojito and even a Margarita, all in popsicle form. But these certainly aren鈥檛 for the kiddies, as each treat contains five percent alcohol. Perfectly packaged from the bottom to the top, it鈥檚 ideal for preventing icky dripping while you enjoy your booze-filled freezie.

N1ce cocktail pops

Currently in the crowdfunding phase, they鈥檝e already managed to sell an impressive 250,000 popsicles in their first three months alone. If their initial success is anything to go by, then we may all be enjoying these frozen cocktail treats sooner rather than later. Yum!

Which boozy popsicle would you like to try: Strawberry Daiquiri, Pi帽a Colada, Mojito or Margarita? Tweet us @BritandCo!

(h/t Hello Giggles, photos via N1CE)