Holiday cards come in all shapes and sizes — and sentiments. One of our favorite card categories — besides DIY, of course — are the funny ones. What better way to wish someone a very Merry Christmas, Hanukkah or Winter Solstice than with the gift of laughter? We found 30 meant to make your bells jingle all season long.

1. Santa Stocking You? ($18, set of four): “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake” takes on an entirely different meaning.

2. F Yeah Christmas Card ($5): This card makes us want to give high fives, fist bumps, secret handshakes and all that jazz.

3. Jingle My Jelly ($7): Must be jelly ’cause jam don’t shake like that.

4. Light It Up Menorah ($4.50): Light up the menorah and keep it lit for eight crazy nights.

5. Throw Snowballs ($10): This engraved card must have read our minds, because we’ve had this at the top of our list for the holiday season every year.

6. Santa’s Coming! I Know Him! ($18, set of four): The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. And giving Elf lovers a chuckle.

7. Happy Stupid Christmas ($5): For the Scrooge in your life, get them this card and let them know you’re in on the joke.

8. Hanukkah Misspelled ($4.50): Admit it, you’ve had to Google the spelling an embarrassing number of times.

9. Jingle Bells ($6): You know those bells will be annoying in five minutes, and even that’s pushing it.

10. Wrapped Gift – Nailed It ($4.50): Although we believe in everyone when it comes to wrapping presents, we understand not everyone is a professional gift wrapper.

11. Shimmy Down My Chimney ($7): For years, we thought Santa was the only one that could do that. Guess all you needed was an invitation.

12. Figgy Pudding ($14, set of 10): Let’s be frank, what even IS figgy pudding??

13. Yum Raw Egg ($5): If it’s spiked, hand over that raw egg in a mug stat.

14. And None For Gretchen Weiners. ($18, set of four): This set is so fetch (…or is that still not happening?).

15. All I Want For Christmas Is You ($4.50): Sometimes you just have to be direct. Otherwise you’ll get a Starbucks gift card. Again.

16. Ginjas ($4): We’d totally see this movie. Get to it, DreamWorks.

17. Not Sent From My iPhone ($16, set of five): Surprise your parents with this one — maybe they’ll stop playing Candy Crush for a few minutes.

18. Cheeky Kumquat Light That Up Holiday Card ($5): Light it up, then dread the electricity bill when January rolls around.

19. Coal ($7): This is the most gorgeous coal our eyes have ever seen. Just don’t get any ideas about including a lump of the real stuff with it.

20. Stumblin’ ($4): That is how the song goes, right? Maybe we spiked that eggnog a little too much.

21. Holiday Survival Kit ($5): Looks about right. At least for the hometown holiday visit.

22. Ya Filthy Animal ($18, set of four): Home Alone cards FTW.

23. Goodbye Self-Control ($4.50): Cookies, pies, candy canes — yeah, diets are nonexistent during the holidays.

24. Comfort + Joy + Cookies + Bourbon ($6): And candy canes, gingerbread, turkey, hot chocolate, eggnog… sorry, we’re getting a little carried away.

25. Half Eaten Gingerbread Cookie ($4.50): Poor gingerbread man. His only crime was being adorable (and tasting delicious).

26. Shopping Days ($5): I mean, did they really think you’ve had that cat sweater bookmarked for the past year? (Okay, maybe you have. We won’t tell anyone).

27. Santa Knows ($4.50): You know, they did warn us that he sees you when you’re sleeping. Guess we should have taken the hint.

28. Merry Xmas Holiday Card ($5): We prefer lady, tbh.

29. Merrymaker Holiday Card ($3): Just like a Polaroid picture, except the festive version.

30. Guide to Holiday Etiquette ($4): This one’s for the uncle that needs it spelled out. We’ve all got one.

Which card gave you the biggest laugh? Let us know in the comments below.