Downing a green smoothie in the a.m. is a quick and energizing way to kick off the day. Beyond a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, the nutritious concoctions can keep us alert, which is key for those sluggish mornings (AKA every morning). While I love how a healthy beverage can perk me up, I’ve found a new beauty product that’s inspired by my morning treat that does the same thing for my skin.

Scrubbing down with Fytt Hit Restart Detoxifying Body Scrub Treatment ($54) is something I look forward to every morning, just like the first sip of my daily beverage-of-choice. The green smoothie-style scrub does much more than an average exfoliator; it improves the look and feel of your skin on the surface level but also works from within. Here’s why I am obsessed AF with this body treatment.

  • It smells better than a fresh-brewed cup of coffee. The exfoliator is chock-full of the same ingredients you’d toss in a morning blend to get your mind and body invigorated. Organic kale, spinach, spirulina, cucumber, and flaxseed help detoxify (and give it its bright, grassy hue). The texture is thick and a bit grainy (thanks to blended seeds), while the light, refreshing, yet earthy scent perks you up. Confession: I’ve become a bit addicted to the unique smell and sometimes take a sniff even when I’m not scrubbing up.
  • My skin has never felt so smooth. Your skin will feel velvety smooth after application. The crushed seeds range from super fine grit to microbead-sized and are the hero ingredients of this product to provide different levels of exfoliation.
  • Yet been so tough. Areas of my body that need a little extra love (like my thighs) feel firmer but, best of all, my skin seems to be less prone to irritation overall. Annoying post-shave razor bumps are no longer an issue once you’ve incorporated this product into your routine — which is a summertime win. Since I’m prone to breakouts this (extra sweaty) time of year, I’ve even used the scrub on my face to kick my skincare routine up a notch. It works wonderfully from head-to-toe!

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