Gal Gadot Brings Back This ’90s Shoe Just in Time for Summer Weddings
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Gal Gadot Brings Back This ’90s Shoe Just in Time for Summer Weddings

During the last month, Gal Gadot traveled the world to premieres of Wonder Woman, and she nailed her red carpet looks (and made us believe in fancy flats) on every continent she visited. But her footwear choice at the last premiere may be her best yet.

She sported a throwback footwear “secret” last month at the Mexico City premiere that you can actually use next time you need to keep it comfortable in a maxi or formal dress. After the premiere, her stylist Elizabeth Stewart posted a photo of the star in a custom Prada gown, and in the caption, Stewart revealed a “lil’ secret” about Gadot’s shoes!

Under the designer gown, Wonder Woman is wearing Rocket Dog Crush Webbing ($35) platform flip flops! Yep, those sky-high foam sandals from the early aughts are making a comeback and can be found at Forever21 and Urban Outfitters. As onlookers, we were none the wiser. All the height without sacrificing any comfort, Gadot’s look proves you don’t have to compromise. Summer wedding season, here we come!

Of course it’s not the first time, Gadot has gone flat with her footwear. For the Los Angeles premiere, she chose gold Aldo sandals that retail for less than $50.

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(Photo via Rocket Dog, Frazer Harrison/Getty)