If you have an archnemesis you’ve been dying to plot revenge on, we have the perfect plan. Well, we have the perfect plan if they’re a Game of Thrones fanatic. But like, isn’t everyone by now? Please allow us to introduce you to Spoiled, the website that will text your enemies/frenemies/exes/etc. GOT spoilers.


For 99 cents, Spoiled will spam whatever phone number you give them with Game of Thrones spoilers in real time. So even if they’re on top of their Sunday night viewing, you’ll still spoil the next shocking death (or maybe undeath). When asked if your chosen target will know where the text came from, Spoiled responded, “A man is no one.” We’ll take that as a no.

Oh, and if your enemy happens to live on the other side of the world, no worries — you can still spoil the highlight of their week. It works with international numbers too. We thought glitter bombs were bad, but wow. This definitely takes the poisoned cake (LOL get it guys? Get it?! 😏).

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(Photo via Spoiled)