If you’re looking for love this summer, you should probably consider jumping on one of the numerous dating apps, since the odds that you’ll find love online is surprisingly quite high. The only problem is there are waaay too many of them to choose from and not enough hours in the day to swipe on 10 apps at once… is it really better to spend your time crafting the perfect profile on super popular apps like Bumble and Tinder or should you try a few mega-specific dating apps instead? Seriously, someone do a study on that! For those of us who are still a little wary about meeting an actual internet stranger IRL with only a few pics and their favorite songs to go off of, there’s a new dating app that’s helping singles everywhere regain their confidence while finding love online by putting their safety and security first.

Gatsby (available on iOS) is a new dating app which is the first of its kind to scan every user for criminal and sex offender records. From the same team that brought us the Friend Verifier (AKA the awesome Facebook app that allows users to scan their Facebook friends and requests for registered sex offenders), this cool new app is bringing that same technology to their new dating app, and we couldn’t be more excited to test it out.

In addition to being a US resident and over 18 years old, you must have a Facebook account and use it to sign into the dating app. The team at Gatsby then utilizes the information that the users provide them to verify their identities and determine if they have a criminal record by screening every verified user against publicly available databases on criminal records, sex offenses, bankruptcies, liens, and judgments.

While the app obviously cannot guarantee that these government-built public databases will completely weed out all the bad eggs, it may be a good option to consider for those looking to date with an extra security function. Sure, no amount of background searching will be able to prove that your internet date will be 100 percent compatible with you or not, but it may just give you the peace of mind to help you get back on the dating scene and find your next sweetheart. We’ll drink to that!

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