It seems like gemstones are popping up everywhere these days: in your home decor to glam up a room, in your jewelry collection to break up those metallics and now, the mesmerizing stones are taking over the beauty world. This fancy addition to your lotions, masks and serums are more than just added glitz — gemstones pack plenty of skin care benefits too. Kween status: Royal af. Scroll through our 13 favorite gemstone-infused beauty products below.


1. De Mamiel Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate ($64): Who knew the secret to brighter skin was a little bit of bling? Crushed gemstones and pearls are just two of the ingredients in this powder formula, which can be activated using just a bit of water.


2. Tracie Martyn Complexion Savior Mask ($80): This face mask harnesses the healing power of gemstones and uses it to soothe red and irritated complexions.


3. Therapie Roques O’Neil Himalayan Detox Salts ($52): Is there anything more calming than a nice, warm bath after a long day? Amp up the relaxation with these detox bath salts that use powdered amethyst for a particularly therapeutic experience.

Grown_Alchemist_Pearl__Peppermint__amp__Ylang_Ylang_Purifying_Body_Exfoliant_170ml_1417091765 copy

4. Grown Alchemist Purifying Body Exfoliant ($29): Purify your body while kicking dry skin to the curb using this pearl-infused body exfoliant. The formula will not only get rid of dryness, but will then deeply hydrate to reveal a truly radiant complexion.


5. Aquarian Soul Lavender Quartz Under Eye Serum ($36): Stayed up too late crafting? This rollerball will reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and keep your peepers moisturized. And it smells like heaven.


6. dr. brandt CC Glow With Ruby Crystals ($39): Bring a bit of glow to your pretty face with this lightweight base that features crushed ruby crystals. If you’re looking for a little coverage and a lot of radiance, then this CC cream might just be the one for you.


7. Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Face Mask ($48): Pineapples, roses and gemstones sounds like the skin care mixture of our dreams. This mask moisturizes using natural fruit enzymes and subsequently brightens your complexion with the addition of white tourmaline gemstones.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 6.45.41 PM copy

8. Lotus Wei Joy Juice Perfume ($45): The cold weather of winter can get a bit depressing, but this blend of aromatherapy oils and red garnet is here to help. Spritz a bit of this perfume when you wake up and you’ll be smiling all day long.


9. Själ Skincare Bio-Regeneratif Serum ($260): This one is definitely a splurge item, but the brand’s signature gemstone blend packs a major punch, promising to energize your skin, regenerate cells and erase the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


10. Midnight Collective Palo Santo & Sandalwood Essential Water ($18): This home and body spray is made with quartz crystals and glacial water, giving it plenty of mind-clearing aromatherapy benefits.


11. Aquarian Soul Amethyst Headache Oil ($12): If you’re looking to take a break from the Advil, you can try out this essential oil-filled holistic solution. The rollerball contains quartz and amethyst, which can help relax your mind and ease the pain and stress of headaches.


12. Poppy and Someday Marfa Moon Mist ($30): Calm your mind and freshen up your room with this multi-use aromatherapy mist. The concoction features tourmaline crystal, which is said to have a calming effect.


13. Gemstone Organic Face Cremes ($37 each): As the name might suggest, Gemstone Organics creates their products using gem essences. They offer five choices for their face cremes, all of which are infused with different gemstones that carry benefits for your skin and your well-being.

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