Your home doesn’t need more stuff, it needs more innovation — like those items that seem to solve all your problems and help you live your best life. As we know, Amazon is the best place to turn to for our everyday conveniences. But it’s also the home of gadgets and gizmos aplenty that some genius must have invented in a magnificent “Eureka!” moment. These products may seem a little strange at first, but you’ll seriously fall in love with them once you see how they’ll transform your life in so many ways, from your beauty routine to your kitchen setup. Keep scrolling for the ingenious products you never knew you needed — and now won’t be able to live without.

1. Empire Premium Products Sushi Bazooka Roller ($15): Step away from the Seamless and make yourself something fresh. You don’t have to be intimidated by sushi recipes anymore with this fancy roller that effortlessly creates perfect California rolls every time. It even comes with an ebook complete with easy-to-follow instructions and three recipes to get you started.

2. La Pure Eyeliner Stamp ($14): Waking up at the crack of dawn to apply flawless winged eyeliner is no easy task. This handy stamp tool makes it a lot easier, so you can hit the snooze button one more time.

3. Nu Board Memo Size Notebook ($16): This little notebook is actually a mini dry erase board you can carry in your pocket. Take notes, doodle, erase, and do it all over again — without the guilt of killing trees.

4. Fantom Magnetic Door Stop ($25): Never trip over and stub your toes on regular door stops again. Instead, trick out your door with this tiny magnet set that ensures you have an “open door policy” without the traffic hazard.

5. Bob Ross Chia Pet ($21): Your Chia Pet just got an upgrade. The man who painted happy little trees is now a happy little tree himself. Water your Bob Ross Chia Pet to sprout his iconic curls, and then display him proudly.

6. Casabella Guac-Lock Container With Tray ($26): Love guacamole and chips but hate having to throw out the leftovers? Keep calm and guac on with this container (and chip tray) that actually stops your fave dip from browning.

7. JNSM Products Loofah Shower Mat ($25): Your shower mat will do double duty with this option that provides a slip-free surface while exfoliating. Give your feet some extra love by removing dead skin and calluses with a mat that’s made of the same stuff as your loofah.

8. Allstar Innovations Clever Tongs ($25, set of two): Can’t keep track of all of your utensils? This clever solution combines tongs and a spatula. They’re great for flipping, grabbing, or scooping, especially for pancakes, eggs, and taco filling. They also come in handy for serving veggies.

9. Stupidiotic Portable Pizza Pouch ($5): Carry your to-go slice, hands-free. It may seem like a joke, but this innovative pouch fits your favorite slice of pizza so you can safely take it with you wherever you go. Lunch on the run actually sounds appealing now.

10. Miles Kimball Three-Sided Splatter Shield Guard ($10): Sizzling bacon and boiling sauces don’t stand a chance against this splatter guard. It keeps other pans on your stove safe from rogue splashes and splatters and your cooking space clean — so no more grease stains on the backsplash.

11. PancakeBot 2.0 Pancake Printer ($300): If you’ve ever dreamed of being one of those pancake artists on Instagram, it’s now as easy as pressing a button. Even if you can’t draw with pancake batter, you can still create artistic, Insta-worthy flapjacks to make breakfast extra-special.

12. Fred & Friends Stop Kitty Black Cat Butt Wine Bottle Stopper ($15): This thirsty cat will keep your vino fresh and looking absolutely adorable. It’s an excellent gift for cat people or wine lovers who just love watching cat videos.

13. SUNMAY Ionic Heated Eye Massager Roller Wand ($58): This roller claims to help make your eyes look younger and brighter with sonic vibration and negative ions. Soothe your eyes and banish dark circles with a warm eye massage at the end of a long day of squinting at your computer screen.

14. ProCIV Desktop Cable Clips ($7, set of two): Your days of fishing for charger cables on your hands and knees are over. Keep your workspace neat and free of endless tangles of wires with these convenient clips.

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