It’s no secret that, as newlyweds, you two lovebirds might face a crazy amount of post-wedding headaches. Between saving the cake and preserving your oh-so-gorgeous wedding gown, writing all those thank you notes and figuring out what to do with all your DIY centerpieces, it can feel just a bit overwhelming. Enter TaskRabbit and Zola’s latest partnership. These two fabulous companies have partnered up to launch a new program that helps couples unbox those blenders and run that growing stack of boxes and tissue paper to recycling. After all, as much fun as unwrapping gifts really is, who wants to deal with a mess of cardboard upon returning from a relaxing tropical honeymoon?

Couple unboxing gifts from TaskRabbit x Zola.

Earlier this year, Zola surveyed ~1000 newlyweds and found that 90 percent wish they had recycled gift boxes but just didn’t have the time and energy to think about it. And this year alone, TaskRabbit has helped over 1,500 couples with their wedding-related tasks. With this new partnership, Zola and TaskRabbit will help couples in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles sustainably manage their wedding gifts by offering services to unbox and properly recycle all of that gift packaging.

Is this a possible match made in heaven? We think so. Plus, you can totally use TaskRabbit for more than just post-wedding unboxing and recycling. Feel free to hand over other dreadful tasks like writing thank you cards (sorry, Mom) and post-wedding cleanup. It truly is the go-to wedding planning assistant.

If you’re ready to give this a try, we’re giving our readers in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles $20 toward their wedding-related TaskRabbit services. You can redeem by visiting the TaskRabbit & Zola site and use the code BRITASK. This code is valid on your first tasks and expires on December 15, 2016.

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