Talk about a destination wedding! Forget the beach — as of next spring (April or May, to be exact), you’ll be able to take your vows inside a 159-foot retired Boeing 167 in County Sligo, Ireland.

Originally purchased as part of David McGowan’s upcoming Quirky Glamping Village, an upcoming wonderland of an amusement park centered on transportation, the plane is being renovated to allow guests to hold their ceremony in its cockpit. McGowan told Travel + Leisure that he added the option for nuptials to his plans after receiving a flood of requests from brides the world over looking to get hitched on his jumbo jet, which affords a “fantastic aerial view of the sand dunes, the beach, and the town of Enniscrone,” according to the website.

“We’ve had plenty of interest, emails, and phone calls from couples here, in the UK and the US, who are looking for something different,” he told The Irish Sun. Consequently, McGowan is removing 20 of the plane’s seats as well as its diving wall to give bride and grooms more space for a ceremony. While there will only be room for immediate family members to view the actual service, a mock terminal next to the plane will offer room for a reception with up to 200 of your nearest and dearest.

And, should any of your guests get a little too tipsy to leave, they can stay right where they are: The plane comes equipped with eight double-bedroom suites with showers, free WiFi, maid service, and flat-screen TVs. Taxis, train carriages, and 10-12 double-decker buses will also be available as sleeping quarters.

Sounds like the perfect spot for a couple who loves to travel, no?

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(h/t Refinery 29; photos via Quirky Nights Glamping Village + @vita_podolyan_photography)