Christmas is in FOUR DAYS. But if you think you鈥檙e done just because you鈥檝e already bought stocking stuffers, decorated your living room and baked some cookies, think again. Pretty much everyone loves soft stuff, right? And you and your friends could always use more softness and warmth in your lives, especially in the thick of winter. And who doesn鈥檛 love an unexpected extra gift during the holiday season? No one, that鈥檚 who. So take out a few birds with one stone and gift your pal(s) an online class that will teach them some badass thread and yarn skills!



1. Intro to Embroidery Online Class: In this class, Kristen Gula of Gulush Threads teaches her students how to do the back stitch, satin stitch and French knot. She鈥檒l also demonstrate how to hold the needle and tie off the thread to finish your embroidery project. At the end of the class, students will know how to make simple but adorable embroidered sayings and designs. Don鈥檛 forget to check Instagram for some quote inspo!


2. Embroidered Typography Online Class: Kristen Gula is back to show students how to stitch designs using advanced techniques. She鈥檒l also share how to design flowers, leaves and branches to make them look realistic and create letters using negative space. After taking this class, you (or your friend) will be able to add your own personal touches to pretty much anything made of fabric!


3. Sewing Online Class: Roxy Taghavian, one of Brit + Co鈥檚 very own professional makers, has put together a class to teach students how to decide which fabrics to use, and some of the most creative places we know to buy colorful fabrics (as well as the right tools to manipulate them). Students will do three different projects: a cloth napkin, a pillowcase, and a maxi skirt.


4. Knitting Online Class: Jade Harwood, the mastermind behind Wool and the Gang, uses this class to teach students how to choose yarn and how to hold needles. Jade will walk you or your pals through starting a project and working three basic stitches. She鈥檒l even demonstrate some quick and easy fixes for common mistakes. At the end, students will have their very own knitted snoods. If you prefer crocheting to knitting, we have a class for that too!


5. Quilting Online Class: If fabrics are more up your alley than yarn is, look no further than Libs Elliott鈥榮 class. She鈥檒l start with the basics, from general quilt knowledge (鈥渁natomy鈥) to designing, cutting, and assembling a 4-foot square quilt. This is especially perfect for people who are devoted fans of a book or tv series. (We mean, have you SEEN some of the Harry Potter quilts out there?!)

Once you buy one of our classes, it鈥檚 yours forever! No expiration dates, so you and your friends can learn at your leisure. Now go on, get stitching!