The holidays are a DIY lover and maker’s favorite time of year, thanks to endless opportunities to craft your own gifts, decorate the house, and make some delicious treats for friends. But what’s a crafter to do with all that extra wrapping paper and surplus cardboard tubes? Well it turns out that may no longer be a problem, thanks to this handy gift paper that gets a second life as a sweet tote bag.

The Giftote Bag is a simple product that lets recipients of your prettily wrapped present get double duty and double the fun. The recipient can pull any ribbon they have on hand through the grommets built into the paper itself.

Adjust the handle by changing the positions of the ribbon ties, and you have an easy tote to carry around wherever you go. Oh, and it looks pretty darn stylish if we may say so.

While there’s no word yet on when we can BUY this awesome double-duty holiday must-have that’s currently just a concept, we hope we’ll be able to shop (or DIY ;) it soon. A double duty gift and wrapping paper? That’s a holiday miracle too good to give up. 

What do you think of this multi-purpose paper? Tell us if you’d use it in the comments below!