Your little one is all about experimenting, exploring, and investigating; you鈥檙e pretty sure they鈥檒l end up being the next Picasso, Hawking, or Edison. And with the holidays approaching quickly, you鈥檙e looking for gifts that scream creativity. Whether your child鈥檚 wish list is packed with art supplies, science stuff, or games galore, it鈥檚 time to get down to business and procure this year鈥檚 holiday bounty. Before heading out to the mall (or, more likely, opening your laptop), check out these completely creative gift ideas for curious kids.

1. Constructive Playthings Tree Blocks ($50): There鈥檚 no reason to go all techy just because your mini adores engineering. Yes, there are plenty of rad programs, games, and various tech-toys out there for budding STEM students, but you can also go old school. These tree blocks are a back-to-basics kind of fun for little builders. Bonus: They鈥檙e actually hand-cut from reclaimed tree prunings, making them an eco-friendly option.

2. Crayola Model Magic Deluxe Variety Pack ($13): This stuff is squishy, stretchy, and plays kind of like clay, and it is indeed magnificently magical in the way that your child plays, creates, and gets artsy with it. She can sculpt, press it onto drawings to create a 3D textured multimedia effect, or dream up her own way of using this versatile art item.

3. This Book Is a Planetarium: and Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions by Kelli Anderson ($28): This book projects constellations and does so, so, so much more. Your little learner can turn it into a musical instrument, use its geometric drawing generator, listen through a pop-up speaker, sleuth around with the book鈥檚 decoder ring, or date just about everything ever with the perpetual calendar.

4. Eco-Kids Non-Toxic Natural Paint ($17): Your little one loves to finger paint, but you can鈥檛 always be sure about what鈥檚 in the colorful stuff. Trade in those traditional finger paints for this non-toxic option. It鈥檚 made with organic fruit and veggie extracts, such as beets, carrots, purple sweet potatoes, and red cabbage.

5. Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 Piece Set ($50): These magnetic tiles are good for hours of open-ended play. Your creative kid will love making 3D shapes and experimenting with light shining through the translucent pieces.

6. Melissa & Doug Pretty Purple Dollhouse 3-D Puzzle ($10): Ah, it鈥檚 deceptively simple. It seems like an ordinary dollhouse, but it鈥檚 really a 3-D puzzle. Your child can piece together the house, figuring out which parts go where, and then get in some dramatic play time afterward!

7. ALEX Toys Artist Studio Brushes ($8): Don鈥檛 let your budding artist get bored with the same old brush-and-tempera routine. Mix things up with this set and choose from an array of awesome brushes (in different sizes), or go for a selection of sponges.

8. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel ($60): Paint, draw with chalk, color with markers; the sky鈥檚 the limit with this multi-use easel. This crafty gift will become a staple in your child鈥檚 playroom.

9. Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit ($17): This set goes way beyond your regular ol鈥 LEGOs. Not only can your child make a functional machine, but they can also see how several simple machines work in a row to create a chain reaction.

10. Seedling聽Parker: Your Augmented Reality Bear ($60): Seedling鈥檚 products combine classic toys with modern technology. This kit comes with a teddy bear that can 鈥渃ome to life鈥 via augmented reality, allowing kids to engage in a variety of STEAM activities.

11. ZoLi tokiMATTIES Character Squares ($25): If your kid has a hard time sitting still through mealtime, give them a (quiet) activity to stay occupied. These silicone placemats feature cute tokidoki鈥檚 iconic characters and come with a set of washable markers.

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