While we wouldn鈥檛 go as far as to call ourselves workaholics, we鈥檙e definitely guilty of letting our work life creep into our personal life (AKA we鈥檙e *always* checking our work emails in bed). But with more and more millennials picking up freelance work and pursuing their side hustles, it鈥檚 really no wonder why a healthy work-life balance eludes so many of us. So before our social lives are damaged beyond repair, we鈥檙e tapping a few girlbosses for their top tips on how to properly balance work with pleasure.

1. Kick up your feet after 6pm 鈥 even if you鈥檙e still at the office. Just because you鈥檙e staying at the office late doesn鈥檛 mean that you shouldn鈥檛 be able to cut loose after hours. 鈥淚鈥檓 often at the office 鈥檛il 8pm, which is later than most of my peers,鈥 notes Jennifer Bluemling, co-founder and CEO of Borrowed by Design. 鈥淲e have a rule in our office that if you stay after 6pm, you have the freedom to turn up the music and crack open a beer. Working late in a startup is necessary, but it doesn鈥檛 have to suck.鈥

2. Take one day during the weekend for yourself. 鈥淎s hard as I do work, and as thankful as I am for a dedicated team, we expect that everyone takes a full day off during the weekend,鈥 say Bluemling. 鈥淪unday is my family day, and everyone knows I refuse to answer emails until my baby is asleep for the night (he鈥檚 five months old). At this age, he鈥檚 growing so fast and I don鈥檛 want to miss out on seeing him grow up.鈥

3. If possible, be flexible with your schedule. 鈥淚 give myself and my employees the flexibility to have either four 10-hour days or five eight-hour days per week,鈥 says Bluemling. Personally, Bluemling opts for longer days instead and cherishes her extra free day. 鈥淚t gives me the ability to take a pause mid-week and get some errands done for myself, clean the house, or even pop in for a mani/pedi. Clearing my head for an afternoon gets me right back on track, and I鈥檓 much more productive during those weeks without feeling burned out by Friday.鈥

4. Get your ish done on public transit. If you鈥檙e living in the city, it may be wise to swap your car keys for a bus pass once in a while. 鈥淭hough we have a car, I take the subway to work so that I can use that time to be productive,鈥 says Donna Garlough, Joss & Main鈥榮 style director. 鈥淥n my commute, I鈥檓 shopping for school uniforms, emailing the piano teacher, ordering groceries, refilling kids鈥 prescriptions, and editing images on my phone for social media 鈥 all the stuff I can鈥檛 get to during the workday.鈥 This means that once you leave work, you can focus on quality time with your loved ones *instead* of your laundry list of personal chores.

5. Treat yo鈥 self on Mondays. 鈥淔or me, and probably for most women with high-stress careers, Mondays are undoubtedly the most hectic day of the week,鈥 says Rosette Pambakian, Tinder鈥檚 鈥巚ice president of communications and branding. 鈥淢y Mondays are usually filled with back-to-back meetings and conference calls, sometimes starting as early as 7am.鈥 So in order to keep up her productivity so she can enjoy some leisure time after work, she indulges with a treat that she knows she鈥檒l love. 鈥淚鈥檝e learned that the best way for me to beat the Monday blues is to give myself something to look forward to, so I take the time to treat myself to my favorite coffee, an almond milk latte from Blue Bottle, every single Monday before heading into the office, no matter how busy my morning is.鈥

6. Get organized early. While it may seem counterintuitive to add a little work time into your weekend, taking the time to organize your week ahead can make *all* the difference for achieving a healthy work-life balance. 鈥淲hen I know my day is particularly packed with calls and meetings, I find it incredibly beneficial to take 30 minutes on Sunday to think about what my top priorities are for the week, and get organized for the day ahead of me,鈥 notes Pambakian. 鈥淚t鈥檚 never fun to think about work on a Sunday, but it pays off when I wake up and already have a game plan to tackle the day.鈥

7. Don鈥檛 feel guilty about taking breaks. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay if you鈥檙e one of those people who has to pencil in fun,鈥 jokes Christina Flach, celebrity makeup artist and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. 鈥淲hatever you have to do to get yourself to rejuvenate, do it.鈥 If you find yourself staying at work past 6pm, take small breaks throughout the day to break things up and focus on non-work things. 鈥淚 have started taking breaks that I have penciled in my calendar during the day to go to yoga, walk my dogs in the hills, or get a much-needed massage,鈥 says Flach. 鈥淭his helps me to clear my head so that I can be the best version of myself in all aspects.鈥

8. Don鈥檛 compromise on your sleep. 鈥淚 sleep a full eight hours per night, or more if I need it,鈥 says Sara Margulis, co-founder and CEO of Honeyfund. 鈥淏y rarely compromising on sleep, it allows me to maintain positivity and happiness throughout my workday.鈥 Plus, a solid sleep schedule also makes it easier to be more productive at the office so you can leave on time!

9. Adopt a mantra of asking for help. 鈥淚 have a 16-month-old son. Since he鈥檚 been born, it鈥檚 been harder to balance work and life because I鈥檝e been afraid to rely on family and childcare professionals,鈥 notes Jocelyn Michels, Yahoo鈥檚 senior director of global partnerships. 鈥淩ecently, I adopted a new mantra: 鈥楢sk for help.鈥 Instead of trying to do everything myself, I now ask for help babysitting or with errands. I also use delivery services to remotely order groceries, diapers, etc. These, in turn, free up time to grab some adult time with friends. Finally, I routinely ask advice from working moms who are experienced in balancing work and life.鈥

10. When you disconnect, disconnect. 鈥淏alancing work and life is not easy, but I am getting better at it,鈥 says Katie Rosen Kitchens, co-founder and editor-in-chief of FabFitFun. 鈥淚 used to get countless dirty looks from my husband while I would constantly check my phone at dinner, at the bar, or even just watching TV together. And it was easy to understand. He鈥檇 plan something nice and I would be 70 percent checked into the evening. These days I really try to stay in the moment, and it鈥檚 so much more satisfying. I work a lot of hours, but when I am out having fun, I try to leave the office behind. It makes me have a better time in the moment, and I鈥檓 more productive at work because I am more focused and not dwelling on missed plans or quality time.鈥

11. Don鈥檛 be afraid to mix business with pleasure. If going out of town is unavoidable, try adding a fun touristy stop in-between your commitments. 鈥淲hen I travel for work I stay an extra day or two to visit friends, [go] sightseeing, or do something fun like a wine tour or checking out a recommended restaurant in between meetings or speaking engagements,鈥 notes Michele Romanow, the youngest Dragon on Canada鈥檚 Dragons鈥 Den and co-founder of Clearbanc.

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