It’s not a party without cake and confetti. Since we love to jazz up a DIY with a couple shakes of glitter, we figured we’d apply the same treatment to our holiday makeup. We’re taking a cue from the runway trend and found 14 glitter eyebrow looks that we dare you to try.


1. Goldmember: Whether you grab silver glitter for full on disco ball brows or stick to classic gold glitter for these gilded beauties, lipgloss is the secret to making it stick so you can party all night long. (via Cheap Thrillsss)


2. Ice Queen: Flecks of metallic pastel pink paired with a frosty blue shadow is the epitome of winter wonderland beauty. (via Eyeshadow Lipstick)


3. Candy Coated: Rhinestones are typically found accenting our holiday nail art, so why wouldn’t we use them to amp up our brows? Bling. It. On. (via Buzzmakers)


4. Holographic: Isn’t this sunset gradient simply gorgeous? Use eyelash adhesive to make cellophane confetti stick to your brows. (via Gilded Foxes)


5. Gilded Lids: We’ll stick gold foil onto any DIY, so why wouldn’t we amp up a smokey eye with this magical stuff? (via Vogue UK)


6. Gone Green: If you’re bold enough to rock a sequin brow, you’re not stopping there. Bring out the reflective shades in those sparklers with a vivid shade of gold and green eye shadows. (via World Fashionzz)


7. Periwinkle Sparkle: It all started with these sparkly power brows from the Chanel runway. Each brow was custom measured for each model and applied with lash adhesive. Even brow goddess Cara Delevingne sported a pair down the catwalk. (via Daum)


8. Mermaid Confetti: A rosy cheek and lip pairs perfectly with this winter-inspired confetti look. (via Paris as Maravilhas)


9. Benefit Bling Brow ($25): You could grab Benefit’s DIY sparkle kit to zhush up your brow game or visit one of their brow bars and have an esthetician apply the look for you. How easy is that? (via Yahoo)


10. Sequin Siren: Go goth glam with a plum lip and a smoldering smokey eye accented with a variety of metallic sequins. (via Souvenirs of a Girl)


11. Rebel Rising: Planning on taking a walk on the wild side? Break out the chainmail accessories and your teasing comb for the fiercest faux hawk and black sequins against a natural face for a daring eye look. (via Free People)


12. Pretty Pastel: We love pastel-hued locks, and a sparkly metallic brow look amps up a delicate palette of sugary pink cheeks and lips. (via Garden of the Dreamers)


13. Gorgeous Gold: When you’re rocking a solid 24k brow, a slicked back ‘do and dewy skin is all you need. Glow ahead and try it. (via Total Beauty)


14. Royal Treatment: Who said you could only rock micro-sequins to stud out your brows? Delicate shades of iridescent white and metallic silver and gold steal the spotlight of this minimalist nude lip look. (via Elise Mary Yasmin Pellican)

Would you give your brows the golden (or glitzy) treatment? Tell us in the comments.