Fact: Coffee is great and so is glitter — but who would ever think to combine the two into one magical drink? Welp, one coffee shop chain, Coffee by Di Bella, did just that.

To get the otherworldly look, baristas infuse gorgeous, edible glitter into their creamy bevs. Other than that brilliant detail, the lattes and cappuccinos are made in the same way with the same ingredients as your average cup of joe. The glitter doesn’t alter the good old coffee flavor (though we can’t guarantee you won’t emerge post-sip with a shimmering milk mustache).

Here’s the not-so-sparkly news: the coffee chain is located in Mumbai… so unless you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll be hard-pressed to get your hands on one. That said, we predict other coffee retailers around the world are taking notes. But just as a tip, we wouldn’t advise trying to recreate this in your kitchen unless you want it to look like an edible glitter bomb exploded.

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(Photos via Getty)