We get it: Healthy eating is sometimes so hard to do. You see all those lovely recipes for smoothie bowls, you try to get creative with veggie noodles — heck, you’ll even consider putting peas in your guac. But sometimes it’s a case of eating on the fly, and when that happens, you’re often confronted with fast food and junk food. But now, thanks to a new subscription service, you’ll always be prepared for whatever snacking situations come your way.

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Good Habit wants to take the guesswork out of eating on the go. They’re ready to help you create and maintain good eating habits, especially in those situations where you feel like you’re out of options (hello, nine-hour car trip back from the beach!).

The concept is simple: Reach for one of these carefully curated snacks when you want to snack well. You subscribe and opt to receive them every two weeks, or monthly, and the varieties range from the Be Delighted (four snacks and two teas) to the Be Mindful (four breakfasts, four snacks and eight teas).

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From there, you can choose the products you want to receive — we particularly think that the cashew, goji berry, pepita mix and the celebration tea (black tea with fruits and herbs) sound divine.

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Good Habit promises no preservatives, no trans fats, no high-fructose corn syrup and no artificial anything. They also donate a meal to a child in need for every box that’s delivered. Now that’s something that makes us feel good both in our stomachs and our consciences.

Take a peek at these yummy snacks and let us know in the comments which sound best to you!