Our main bae Netflix has been holding out on us! It barely has a whopping 12 percent of IMDb’s top 250 movies, and we’re feeling a little neglected, especially after Zoë Kravitz praised The Godfather. Yep, Netflix doesn’t have it, at least not in the US. We already know what will be on Netflix next month, and — spoiler alert — the pickings are slim. Canada and Brazil (to name a couple) still have better options. Other countries with better offerings are France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Mexico.


According to Streaming Observer, Brazil has the best offerings, with 85 movies from the top 250. Canada clocks in at 49, which is still more than the US’s measly 33. Up until recently, you could work around Netflix’s geo-blocking using a virtual private network, or VPN. Unfortunately, Netflix has since cracked down on those. Why, Netflix?! We just want to watch Fight Club and Lord of the Rings! The good news is, Netflix has acknowledged what a pain this is and is at least discussing having the same movies and TV everywhere.

If we’re being honest, it’s upsetting that Netflix is paring down their stuff so much. Hopefully all those originals that they’re claiming will comprise 50 percent of Netflix’s library are worth it. Otherwise we might just move to Brazil.

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(h/t Gizmodo, photos via Getty + Streaming Observer)