Guys, the future has arrived. Google鈥檚 driverless cars have been much buzzed about since the Silicon Valley giant unveiled its first self-driving car prototype in 2014. Now, the cars are coming to Arizona, and the company is looking for drivers to test them. Chandler, part of the larger Metro Phoenix area, is the next site for the company鈥檚 cars, which have been in development since 2009.


鈥淰ehicle safety specialists鈥 can earn $20 per hour working six to eight hour days in 12- to 24-month contracts that consist of sitting in a car, being ready to take over if it becomes necessary and providing feedback to Google about the cars鈥 operation. One thing to watch for is how the cars perform in desert conditions, which is the reason Arizona was chosen.

While the company says it has no specific type of person in mind for the job (it鈥檚 a fairly new occupation, after all), there are some requirements: Successful applicants must have a bachelor鈥檚 degree, clean driving record, no criminal history and, oh yeah, be able to type at least 40 words per minute. That will help with the reports.


But if you meet those guidelines, that鈥檚 about it! Google鈥檚 Brian Torcellini told The Republic that in other cities where driverless cars are already being tested, Google has 鈥渉ired people from all types of backgrounds, from English teachers to orbital welders.鈥

Other test cities include Kirkland, Washington, Austin and (natch) Google鈥檚 hometown of Mountain View, California.

Judy Jetson, eat your heart out!

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