Cooking with gas is so 20th century. GoSunStove is a new kind of fuel-less stove that safely cooks meals with solar energy all year round. What at first glance resembles one of those bank drive-through vacuum tubes (remember those?) is actually a super powerful cooking device that you can use to stir fry vegetables, make coffee, bake muffins and so much more.

This futuristic device uses a borosilicate evacuated glass tube for the cooking chamber, which holds a stainless steel cooking tray. The foldable parabolic reflectors convert almost 80% of incoming sunlight into usable heat, so temperatures can reach up to 550 degrees fahrenheit inside. Cooking times will vary depending on available sunlight, but they provide a handy guide to help you through the process. It only weighs three and a half pounds, so it’s hassle-free as you cart it to and from campsites, tailgates or simply out to your backyard. GoSun Sport retails for $299 and the smaller GoSun Mini is $129.

Designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, the founders believe this low-maintenance device could truly change the world. They’ve made it their mission to bring GoSunStove to the developing world, where this technology is needed most. Widespread use of a solar oven like this could lessen the use of irreplaceable fuels, save valuable time that could be spent on education, keep families safe by reducing air pollution, save forests from being used for firewood and simply save money because the fuel would be free for everyone.

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