St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and we are on the hunt for green drinks that actually taste good. Bonus points if they are good for you! Here are 18 green cocktails and mocktails that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Made with fresh ingredients that turn the whole beverage green — such as cucumber, basil and mint — these drinks are a vitamin-packed pick-me-up.

When you are in search of a festive green drink, there are a few tried-and-true tricks that you can employ that will result in a green cocktail. Most popular is to combine a green liquor with a clear mixer or combine a blue liquor with a yellow mixer. Here are some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day cocktails that do just that. But you can also just add matcha.

Matcha is a powder derived from green tea. Not only is it filled with healthy antioxidants, it is made by grinding the entire green tea leaf into a fine powder that will turn anything it comes into contact with vivid green. Okay, you ask, but how does it taste when mixed in a cocktail? Let’s get a reality check from a real mixologist.

At the Garrett, a New York speakeasy (yes, there’s really a secret entrance), bartender Grant Wheeler is mixing up a green cocktail with matcha. His drink, The First Lady, combines gin, Combier, matcha, lemon, egg white and fresh basil. And the sweet, vegetal and grassy matcha notes actually complement the dry gin, according to Wheeler. (Via The Garret/Eater)

So, a fool-proof way to make a green cocktail. What do you say to that? We say “Sláinte!”

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(Photo via The Garrett)