**Warning: This post contains spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, stop reading!**

Here’s the thing about Grey’s Anatomy: No matter how badly you get screwed over by life (because that’s Grey’s, after all), you move on pretty quickly. That’s why a week after we watched Maggie lose her mom, we’re seeing her get back to work. This episode actually skipped forward — we saw Maggie putting flowers at her mom’s grave, but we actually started at her first day back. Everyone handles grief in different ways, and boy, Maggie is just not handling her grief well. It’s understandable.

Yet! She still wants to do surgery, because, well, that’s the type of person Maggie is. A risky surgery none the less. Not surprisingly, no one else feels comfortable letting Maggie operate when she’s still feeling raw. And honestly, if anyone should know, it’s these doctors. Is there anyone among them who HASN’T had to return to work after a horrible situation? Owen intervenes, because he knows the family involved in the surgery.

But Maggie’s not happy Owen’s questioning her professionalism and that he’s talked about her to other doctors. She knows she’s the best, she believes she can do surgery, and she doesn’t understand why people don’t trust her. So Maggie is honest and tells her patients, yes, she did just lose her mother, but also she’s head of the department for a reason. Ultimately, Maggie is allowed to do the surgery with their consent.

Owen is obviously still wary of the whole thing, and convinces Maggie’s sisters to talk to her. But that backfires, and Maggie starts doubting herself, because if her own sisters don’t believe she can do the job, maybe she really can’t. She tries not to let it get to her as she operates and the surgery does end up being a success, despite a scary moment with the baby that almost had Riggs intervening. But once the surgery is over, Maggie unleashes all her stress and anger on Jackson. It’s understandable — Jackson had been her mom’s doctor, and Maggie’s upset he didn’t try to do more to save her.

Maggie ends up upset at home, and Meredith cancels her dinner plans with Riggs because, well, her sister needs her. Riggs, for his part, tells Meredith that he doesn’t think Maggie will get better if Meredith continues to coddle her, but that just pisses Meredith off. DANCE PARTY! (Thank you, Callie O’Malley.)

Jackson stops by the house to give Maggie her mom’s files, the ones that showed she had been diagnosed for months before she even started treatment. Maggie can’t figure out what her mom had been doing all that time instead of getting healthy, but Jackson gives her photos that show Diane skydiving, going to Paris, and basically living her life to the fullest. She knew she was going to die, and wanted to take advantage of her life, but also give Maggie some time to deal with it on her own.

It’s enough to let Maggie come to terms with everything, but obviously, she’s still going to be emotional for awhile. But while everyone was focused on Maggie, another situation was brewing: One of the interns came down with intestinal TB. Stephanie and DeLuca, who had been the intern’s doctors, freaked out when April told them about the condition. Apparently, they still need to be tested over the coming months because sometimes, TB might not show up for awhile.

Oh, Grey’s. Always with the drama. Always!

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