Grey鈥檚 Anatomy is in its 14th season now, but as last night鈥檚 premiere proved, there鈥檚 still plenty of soapy drama to go around. The episode, a super-sized double feature (of course), was a pretty good dose of Grey-Sloan Memorial feelings鈥 even if the tone (up until those last few minutes, at least) was quite different than the heaviness we鈥檝e come to know (and love) from Grey鈥檚 over the years. There were a few more light-hearted moments than usual, and all of the characters seemed to actually be having fun. Which is certainly a change from where we left all of our favorite doctors in May.

When we last saw the hospital, it had been literally blown up in an explosion, and Meredith was telling new boyfriend Riggs that his fianc茅e Megan, who was believed to have died in a helicopter crash years ago, was actually alive. Megan, as it turns out, is doing pretty well for someone who was held hostage for 10 years. Apparently because she was a trauma surgeon, her captors wanted to keep her alive so she could work for them. That鈥檚 not really the big bombshell, though. While she was there, she more or less adopted an orphaned Syrian refugee. But since she was never able to legally adopt him, he couldn鈥檛 come to the US, and all she wants to do is be reunited with him. And there鈥檚 more: Megan also has an abdominal injury (from a bombing) that hasn鈥檛 healed properly, so it鈥檚 kind of hard for her to go back to Iraq.

Enter Meredith Grey, the best surgeon for the job. It鈥檚 a little awkward watching Megan and Meredith fumble around each other, but then we remember that Megan doesn鈥檛 know Meredith is (or was?) dating the guy who is technically her fianc茅. Since this is Grey-Sloan, everyone is going to lie about their relationship to Megan鈥 everyone except Teddy Altman, that is. Yes, the wonderful Teddy (Kim Raver) is back! She arrives and basically takes charge like the awesome person she is 鈥 she talks Owen down from a panic attack over potentially losing Megan again, and then confronts Meredith about being honest with her patient about her relationship status. She even shuts down Amelia鈥檚 attempts to defend her sister. Teddy Altman, guys!

Megan鈥檚 not so keen on Amelia, anyway. Sure, Amelia鈥檚 busy trying to prove an inoperable tumor is operable, but that doesn鈥檛 stop Megan, Teddy, and Owen鈥檚 mother from confronting Owen about his relationship. I mean, the guy had a panic attack and his wife was nowhere to be found! And his sister is back from the dead! This is a big thing! Owen eventually confronts Amelia about her abandonment, and tells her he鈥檚 worried about her well-being. Amelia loses it, because drama is always around in this hospital. So naturally, Owen deals with this reaction by鈥 kissing Teddy. It鈥檚 not his best decision, but Teddy fully understands, because she knows him that well. She鈥檚 not going to be mad at him, and she鈥檚 not going to let him cheat on his wife.

Meredith finally tells Megan that she and Riggs were an item鈥 and they talk about it like adults! Megan鈥檚 not mad! And then they move on to more important things, like surgery. Because that鈥檚 where all the drama is. Meredith鈥檚 first plan to fix Megan鈥檚 injury fails, and after a talk with Alex and Maggie, she goes for plan No. 2 鈥 replace Megan鈥檚 abdomen altogether. Seems simple enough, right? If I were Megan, I would freak the heck out over this proposal, but Megan recognizes that Meredith is one bad-ass surgeon and is all for it.

Before Megan goes under, Riggs decides to show his passion by proposing to her. Which is nice, until Meredith walks in on them right as they鈥檙e getting to the good part. Good thing there鈥檚 a donor for Megan鈥檚 abdomen, so they can rush to the operating room and avoid talking about it! The surgery ends up being successful, but Riggs is upset because Megan turned down his proposal thinking he鈥檚 still in love with Meredith. And, well, Meredith鈥檚 made it pretty clear that she can鈥檛 be anything more to Riggs than she already is, because she鈥檒l forever be in love with Derek. Poor Riggs.

Oh, but let鈥檚 go back and talk about Amelia, shall we? Amelia is successful with her surgery on the formerly inoperable tumor, but Avery is definitely not happy about it. Not that Amelia cares much. She 鈥渃elebrates鈥 by volunteering to take part in DeLuca鈥檚 sister鈥檚 study 鈥 the OB-GYN is looking at women masturbating in the MRI machine. Except things don鈥檛 go as planned, because the MRI ends up showing that Amelia has a brain tumor. A big one. And it seems like it鈥檚 been there for awhile.

Amelia鈥檚 not the first Grey鈥檚 doctor to have a brain tumor, so this seems like a little bit of story line d茅j脿 vu. Then again, there鈥檚 bound to be some of that in 14 seasons. I don鈥檛 buy that Amelia鈥檚 strange behavior was due to this discovery, but we all know what鈥檚 probably going to happen: She鈥檚 going to keep her secret from Owen, and things will get even more complicated.

Welcome back, doctors. It鈥檚 good to have you.

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