If you’ve quit your day job in pursuit of that full-time #girlboss life, you know that you need to use every trick in the book on how to make your business take off. From networking IRL to building your personal brand online, you’ve got it all covered. And now, Groupon, an online service that offers group-based online deals, is making it a little easier for you to use that avenue to make sure people are buying what you’re selling — because we know that what you’re selling is awesome, and the rest of the world should find out too!


Groupon has offered an online platform for local merchants that’s made it possible to offer customers deals, track sales and even process payment. But now, the company is taking things a step further by launching a tablet (iPad or Android) app for the platform, just to make it that much more convenient to access. You’ll be able to use the app to “redeem Groupons, monitor campaign performance, share positive feedback via social media and respond to customer service inquiries.” AKA all the things, according to Groupon.

And not only is Groupon launching this new app, they’re actually doing some revamping of the whole merchant platform, including interface updates on the web and mobile tools and expanded options on Deal Builder platform (a self-serve option for businesses to create and promote their own deals).


“We’ve seen first hand that local businesses can compete in an increasingly connected world and against online giants, and we’re focused on continuing to enable that competition,” said Aaron Cooper, SVP of Groupon’s North America services, in a statement. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to bringing in new customers, which is why we’re giving merchants every option they need to run a promotion with us in a way that’s the most advantageous for their business.”

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