For a while Gwyneth Paltrow has been making us non-vegans believe we could actually transition into the clean-eating lifestyle. Pretty soon we won鈥檛 have to follow her healthy recipes to eat like the GOOP founder, as the actress is teaming up with her fellow healthy BFFs to launch an organic spot for food.

Monique Lhuillier Launch Party at goop pop Dallas

While being interviewed in Hamptons Magazine (page 202, FYI), Gwyneth and her exercise guru gal pal Tracy Anderson 鈥 along with CEO of Tracy Anderson Maria Baum 鈥 announced they are launching 3 Green Hearts, which is sure to be the go-to spot for healthy, organic meals on-the-go. The ladies dished there will be 鈥渕ade-that-day juices and smoothies, gluten-free pastas with herbs and roasted tomatoes, quinoa salads, grilled salmon, fish tacos and kale ravioli鈥 available at Tracy鈥檚 new studio locations in East Hampton + Water Mill. Time to book a ticket, we guess.

imagine1day Annual Gala Honoring Tracy Anderson

If all of those fresh options don鈥檛 give you the hunger pangs, there鈥檚 also going to be frosting shots. Yes, frosting shots that the ladies say will be healthy. Tracy explained how these confections are actually not bad when prepped her way: 鈥渢he frosting is made without all the processed things that really hurt us.鈥 Okay whatever, healthy or not, give us a frosting shot!


Following in Martha鈥檚 footsteps in launching a cafe it looks like Gwyneth is definitely making a strong effort in becoming her heir. Now we need to book a ticket to NYC stat to do a tour de food courtesy of the power ladies (and determine whose spot is tastier).

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(h/t The Cut, photos via Layne Murdoch Jr./Getty, Rachel Murray/Getty + Matt Armendariz/Goop Facebook)