Ladies! Summer is quickly approaching, and the warmer the weather gets, the shorter everyone’s hair seems to go along with it. The bob and lob hairstyle is quickly becoming a classic hairstyle, coming back season after season as a top trending cut. Problem is, not everyone wants to commit to a major chop. Of course, we have a solution for this: fake your short hair, obvs! This is not a new trick by any means, but it is one we must revisit, especially when we can switch it up a bit by going for an asymmetrical finish to keep it fresh and timely. Here’s how to fake it in five minutes!


Step 1: Prep With Waves


Add waves throughout your hair. They can be any size, or even different sizes if you want the extra dimension. If your hair is naturally wavy (lucky you!), then you can skip this step. Waves will add that sought-after texture to your look, and will also disguise the tucking and pinning you’ll be doing later.

Step 2: Low Pony


Pull your hair back into a low ponytail. Keep it nice and loose, and make sure the pony is secured toward the ends of your hair.

Step 3: Wrap + Pin


Take the end of the ponytail and roll it up and under until you get to the base of your neck. Then pin in place with a few bobby pins. You immediately have a faux bob!

Reveal: Faux Bob


Step 4: Pin the Front


We decided to try an asymmetrical bob for a more unique and playful finish. On one side of your hair, pin up the longer strands of hair that frame your face.

Finishing Touches: Back Comb + Spray


On the side with longer strands, use a rat tail comb to gently back comb the waves. This will help shorten the length and add a little extra texture.




From all angles!

If you really wanted to take this look to another level, try really, really small curls and back comb them before styling for a bigger, more impactful silhouette. A special shout out to the lovely Liz Aleman, a friend of our head of marketing who came into headquarters to be a part of this beauty shoot!

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Art Direction, Hair + Makeup, Styling: Misty Spinney

Photographer: Kurt Andre

Model: Liz Aleman