Even if you鈥檙e the best amateur chef there is, there鈥檚 a chance there鈥檚 one step in the cooking process you could use some help with: chopping. Even if you know your way around the kitchen, knife skills are a difficult thing to master. If you鈥檝e spent too many hours slaving away at the cutting board trying to perfect your tomato slices, we鈥檝e got some good news for you. There鈥檚 a secret tool that can help you cook like a pro 鈥 and it might just be hiding with the rest of your hair supplies.

According to a recent video released by master hacker and YouTuber DaveHax, using a hair pick is the secret to chopping veggies in half the time. In the video, DaveHax simply stabs an onion with the comb and then slices in between each metal prong. If you want to make onion rings, pull the pick out and viola! If you want to chop the onions further, you already have it held in place, which makes it so much easier to quickly chop the other way. PS, if you鈥檙e a klutz who鈥檚 constantly worried about accidentally chopping off a fingertip, this hack keeps your fingers far from the blade.

He goes on to show that the pick isn鈥檛 just useful for onions. Try it with tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons鈥 Basically, if you can stab it with a pick, it鈥檚 fair game. Just make sure your pick鈥檚 teeth are made of metal and strong enough to pierce through the food, and you鈥檙e good to go. DaveHax, our precious time (and fingers!) thank you for this gift.

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