We’ve all had them: hair problems. Because of those split ends, a color job gone bad or — eeeek! — a nightmarish bang trim (been there and nothing’s worse), our hair can feel like a blessing and a curse. That’s where this series comes into play. In every installation of Hair Problems, we ask our network of hair experts about the most annoying issues real girls are dealing with and they sound off with the solutions.

The Problem: Dry, brittle hair during the winter. The cold weather and dryness in the air can wreak serious havoc on your locks, causing crazy amounts of breakage and split ends galore that leave you with noticeably weakened, lackluster hair. And the problem is only made worse if you step outside with even slightly damp hair — something many of us do without thinking much about it.

But dull hair every winter is not your destiny — take it from our network of hair experts and style specialists, who are all sharing their best tips for battling this major winter hair problem. The best news? You don’t have to completely overhaul your routine for the fix. Read on for six pro-approved ways to take care of your hair during the winter.


How to Fix Dry, Brittle Hair

Sacha Mitic, Co-Founder,SACHAJUAN: “A treatment conditioner is essential. Find a treatment that is safe to be used every day with your regular routine. Bonus if you can find one with sea algae — they help boost moisture, shine and the overall natural beauty of your hair.”

David Mallett, Founder, David Mallett Haircare + David Mallett Salon: “Try a maximum-effects moisturizing hair mask. Apply your hair mask to towel-dried hair and wrap it in a warm towel instead of applying in the shower. The mask can be left on for 30 minutes during a bath or sauna for super deep hydration.”

David Yepremian, Co-Owner/Partner, Wednesdae: “Silk pillowcases and avocados are your BFFs when it comes to dry hair. A silk pillowcase causes less breakage and retains moisture in your hair. Mash up an avocado for a natural hair mask that will keep working after you rinse it out — the oils will remain in your hair.”

Ricky Pennisi, Founder,Ri Ci: “Limit washing your hair to no more than three times each week — and never leave your house with wet hair. When your hair is wet, it is very vulnerable to damage, and when mixed with cold air, it’s even more susceptible to brittleness and flyaways. When you do wash, use sulfate-free products that don’t strip your hair’s natural oils.”

Korina Stratton, Owner, Hair by Korina Stratton: “Take a break from heat styling. Embrace your natural texture and let it do its thing. If you have waves or curls and are battling winter frizz, apply a leave-in conditioner and a serum.”

CK Karkhanis, Senior Colorist,Archer Salon: “Your scalp and hair are an extension of your skin, so drink more water and use a humidifier to keep your scalp and hair moisturized. You can also use a scalp massager brush to loosen icky, dead skin that leads to embarrassing winter wonderland flakes.”

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