By now, you’ve probably got the candy and the costume, but how’s your app game for Halloween? If you haven’t downloaded a single Halloween app, now is the time. There’s an app to enhance every part of Halloween, from the pics to the party, so gather ’round while we let you in on the best way to get spooks right from your phone.

1. The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself: From bloodshot eyes to a snaggletooth snarl, you can turn your profile pic into a zombified tribute to The Walking Dead. (Free on iOS or Android)

2. Scary Ringtones: For a fright when you least expect it, enlist the help of these Halloween sounds to signal your next phone call. (Free on iOS or Android)

3. Netflix: What’s Halloween without Scream and The Nightmare Before Christmas? Make sure you get in all of the classics via Netflix. (Free on iOS and Android)

4. Ghost Cam: Creep out all your friends by adding an apparition to your Halloween group shots and see how long you can keep up the ghost story. (Free on Android)

5. Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs: If you’ve always wanted to know what life would be like if dinosaurs walked the earth, the time has come. Well, the time has come to see what life would be like if you took pictures with dinosaurs. (Free on iOS)

6. Halloween Emoticons: Until the people over at the emoticon factory give us more holiday selections, we’ve found an app that fulfills our seasonal emoji needs. (Free on Android)

7. Spotify: There are more Halloween tunes besides The Monster Mash and Thriller. Yes, seriously. Get the party going with spooky tunes from Spotify. (Free on iOS and Android)

8. Halloween Photo: Even if your friends aren’t in costume, you can deck them out in holiday props right from your phone. (Free on iOS)

9. Zombie Booth Pro: Ignite horror and fright into all who scroll through your Camera Roll. Even better, send your friends pics with a zombified surprise. (Free on Android)

10. Dictionary: Word nerd alert, right here. We love how’s Word of the Day gets Halloween-themed this time of year. Check it on the daily. (Free on iOS and Android)

11. Halloween Spooky Sound Box: Why not declare yourself the sound effects master with this bank of spooky noises to keep people in the Halloween spirit? (Free on iOS)

12. Pic Collage: This app has Halloween options for you to crop together pics of your friends in funky ways. (Free on iOS)

13. Comics Mask Free: Dress up year round by putting cartoon stickers on any pics of your and your friends. (Free on Android)

14. Zombies iMake: The kiddos will love this one! You can build your own cute zombies, piece by piece. (Free on iOS)

15. Haunted Booth Pro: If you want to set all of your social media accounts to haunt, you should start with editing your profile pic in this app. (Free on iOS)

16. Halloween Wallpapers: Sure, you’ve got the creepy ringtone, but what about the creepy wallpaper? This app has a ton of them. (Free on iOS)

17. Mojo Masks: What better way to test out some Halloween looks than with an app that tries them on for you? (Free on iOS)

18. Halloween Fonts: Looking for that perfect blood-dripping, gravestone-like font? We’re pretty sure you can find it here. (Free on iOS)

19. Toca Boo: Bonnie loves to scare her unsuspecting family. You can help her do it in this adorable, beautifully designed game for all ages. ($2.99 on iOS)

What’s your must-download app for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!