If you鈥檙e looking for a little creative inspo for your Halloween or still deciding on what you want your costume to be, don鈥檛 worry 鈥 we鈥檝e got you, babe. From nail polish to colorful wigs and so much in between, we鈥檝e collected some of the best we鈥檝e got in one list. Let one (or all?) of these pieces get your creative juices flowing and all you have to do after that is relax, enjoy something pumpkin-flavored and prepare for all the compliments that you鈥檙e about to get. Enjoy!

Black cat mask

1. Black Cat Mask ($25): This mask is a quick and awesome way to upgrade your black cat costume from an all-black ensemble plus eyeliner whiskers to a more festive, yet equally classic, take on the traditional cat.


2. Boooobs Card ($5): Celebrate Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness month with this adorable ghost card. That little ribbon? C鈥檓on 鈥 it鈥檚 too good to pass up.

Bracelet Tattoos

3. Bracelet Tattoos ($18): Let this beautiful temporary bling be the icing on a festival-based costume. Coachella forever!

Bird Wings

4. Design Your Own Bird Wings ($20): Looking for something in-between store bought and full-on DIY? Then this bird wing kit is for you. It鈥檒l give the made-from-scratch look with half the hassle.

Vampire Makeup Wheel

5. Vampire Makeup Wheel ($15): From zombies to Draculas to spooky witches, this makeup has got you covered鈥 literally. The colors lend themselves well to a Halloween smokey eye.

Electric Yellow Wig

6. Electric Yellow Wig ($30): Perfect for a retro comic book character costume or just your run-of-the-mill ladies鈥 night out.

black cat case

7. Black Cat Phone Cover ($30): You decorate your hallway for the season, but what about your tech gadgets? Don鈥檛 let your phone go bare this Halloween. Who knows, you just might end up naming him and keeping him around after the holiday.

French Fry Socks

8. French Fry Socks ($14): Sometimes Halloween is just an excuse to buy something unique that you really just want to add to your wardrobe regardless. These socks are one of those things. Throw these on and you鈥檒l chuckle to yourself every time you get a glimpse of your ankles.

Hangover prevention cocktail fortifier

9. Ficks Hangover Cure Cocktail Fortifier ($33): Spike your spooky spirits with this cocktail fortifier and stop the post-party hangover before it even starts. This set comes in three delicious and cocktail-friendly flavors: lime, ginger and lemon.

Hem bonding strips

10. Hem Bonding Strips ($7): Costumes never seem to fit just right, but thankfully it鈥檚 easy to do a few last-minute fixes. This tape is a quick SOS for a costume that鈥檚 a little too long here, a little too baggy there or just needs a little help making it through a wild night.

Neon Fishnets

11. Neon Fishnets ($8): These are simply a must have for anyone going the 鈥80s route. If you throw an 鈥80s-themed Halloween party, will you promise to invite us?

Paper Flower Crown Kit

12. Paper Flower Crown Kit ($14 on sale): Can you believe these are handmade?! This kit makes not one, but two flower crowns, and there鈥檚 even a tutorial if you get stuck.

Zach tee

13. Zach Galifianakis Tee ($55): Now all you need are two ferns and maybe a friend dressed as Obama鈥 or Obama himself, if he鈥檚 free.

Photo Props

14. Halloween Photo Props ($22): Repurpose these photo props and throw a masquerade-themed Halloween party. They鈥檙e too pretty to stay tucked away in a photo booth anyway.

Skull flask

15. Skull Flask ($29): Sip on your spiked cider in style. We like the idea of filling this with your favorite drink and taking it with you as you party-hop.

Sriracha Tee

16. Sriracha Tee ($26): Add a green hat and you鈥檙e transformed into the best condiment on the planet. Got a friend or significant other who wants to go as a food combo? Just like sriracha itself, this costume is good with anything.

Sequin Headband

17. Sequin Headband ($4): If you鈥檙e looking for a little extra bling for your flapper costume or a little sparkle for your fairy outfit, look no further than this golden headband. We鈥檙e sure this beaut will make a couple of appearances post-Halloween. Did someone say Las Vegas?


18. Acme Party Straws ($24): Serve these striped straws in your Halloween cocktails, then wash, rinse and repeat 鈥 they鈥檙e reusable!

sugar skull

19. Sugar Skull Beverage Insulator ($12): Zip these gems around your favorite beverage and you鈥檝e got an adorable and festive way to give a nod to Mexico鈥檚 Day of the Dead.

Tassel Garland

20. Festive Tassel Garland ($35): Whether you鈥檙e decorating a haunted house, prepping for a party or just adding some everyday glam to your place, these tassels are a sure thing.

Voodoo Nail Polish

21. Voodoo Nail Polish ($18): Keep it chic with this gorgeous fall hue that feels like a glamorous and more elegant alternative to bright red or goth black. Plus, it鈥檚 vegan and cruelty-free too!

Which of these 21 will be the icing on your Halloween cake? Let us know in the comments!