Leggings, we love you. There are times when we probably should wear real pants, but somehow you always seem to reign supreme. One occasion where leggings are even more appropriate? Why, Halloween, of course! Whether you just want to add a little extra spirit to your outfit or base an entire costume off of the stretchy bottoms, here are 25 leggings so festive, it’s spooky.

1. Frankenstein Leggings ($75): The stitched up, green monster never looked so good. Go all out and paint your face green to match or just add a couple nuts and bolts and the look will still be totally apparent.

2. Ghost Print Leggings ($34): Whether you want to dress as the world’s most fashionable ghost or just incorporate a little halloween spirit, these leggings will do just the trick.

3. Haunted Leggings ($36): Turn your legs into spooky central with this pair that feature a haunted house, creepy crows and a family of skeletons.

4. Mermaid Leggings ($80): If only Ariel knew that she could have kept her beautiful scales AND walked on land.

5. Galaxy Leggings ($36): Space costume, done! Sport this and a solar system-themed tee for a subtle, yet obvious look. If you want to step it up a notch, top the costume off with a giant star headband.

6. America Flag Leggings ($34): When in doubt, dressing up as the land of the free is never a bad idea.

7. Simplicity Cute Kitty Face Leggings ($27): Pop these on and add a little feline makeup and some cat ears for an updated take on the classic Halloween costume.

8. Mucha Leggings ($19): Transform yourself into a work of art by Mucha, the ultra romantic, Art Nouveau painter.

9. Halloween Pattern Print Leggings ($10): If you’re not into the whole costume thing, just rock these festive leggings instead. Pair it with a fabulously spooky sweater and if might even be better than dressing up.

10. Gummy Bear Leggings ($25): Don’t just pass out the candy, be the candy.

11. Horrible Eye Halloween Print Leggings ($10): I’ve got my eye(s) on you pretty pants.

12. Floral Print Nylon Leggings ($24): Why not dress up as a garden for Halloween? Sport these botanical leggings and pin as many flowers in your hair as possible.

13. Tropical Fish Leggings ($32): Something seems fishy – in a totally good kind of way. Turn yourself into a walking aquarium with these babies.

14. Giraffe Leggings ($17 USD): Rock these leggings with some body paint and ears to morph into a giraffe for Halloween. Then dress them down with a t-shirt for a cool everyday look.

15. Dalmatian Leggings ($90): Find a friend to dress as Cruella DeVille and you can go as 101 Dalmatians!

16. Skeleton Hand Leggings ($34): Looks like some skeleton is getting a little handsy. Flip off the lights and watch these hand prints glow in the dark!

17. Jungle Leaves Leggings ($32): Welcome to the jungle. Throw on some toy snakes and lizards and spend Halloween as a rainforest.

18. Plus Size Cheetah Leggings ($14): If those kitten print leggings are a little too cuddly for you, dawn these cheetah print pants and dress as a fiercer kind of cat.

19. Muscle Print Leggings ($55): If Heidi Klum can pull off this creepy look, so can you. Put an original spin on the skeleton costume by keeping a little more meat on those bones.

20. Northern Lights Capri Leggings ($75): You might as well change your name to Aurora Borealis, because you’ll look just as stunning as the real thing in these leggings. Also let’s just talk about how much love you’ll give these after Halloween, when you wear them to the gym.

23. Astrology Leggings ($38): Put a modern spin on the fortune teller costume with a rocking pair of astrology leggings. We’re seeing a legendary Halloween in your future.

22. Without Walls Pink and Blue Leggings ($64): Looks like these leggings are good for a lot more than yoga class. Throw on some snorkel gear and go as the ocean!

23. Candy Crush Leggings ($78): We’ve already seen one amazing Candy Crush costume, but these rainbow (and chevron) game-themed leggings are giving the homemade costume a run for its money.

24. Plus Size Skeleton Leggings ($15): Because sometimes you just can’t beat a classic.

25. Captain America Leggings ($34): Who says Captain America has to be a dude? Put a female spin on the beloved comic book character in these skintight bottoms.

Any of these stretchy pants strike your fancy? Tell us which one in the comments!