Sometimes the recipe for an amazing Saturday night just calls for a strong cocktail and a spooky movie. With Halloween right around the corner, we’re starting to see some of our favorite scary films and nostalgic TV shows coming back to our can’t-live-without streaming services. We’re sharing some of our favorite must-watch flicks just in time for the best holiday ever. Just add popcorn for a gloriously spooky night in.

Halloween AHS

1. American Horror Story: Fact: Jessica Lange can do no wrong. Each season features a different horror trope and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Our personal favorite? The witchy ladies of American Horror Story: Coven. Long live the Supreme! AHS is available for streaming on Netflix. (Photo via 20th Century Fox)

Halloween Movies Carrie

2. Carrie: This remake and adaptation of Stephen King’s 1974 novel really does it justice. You’ll ache right along with Carrie White (portrayed by Chloë Grace Moretz), and the aftermath will leave you shivering. Catch it streaming on Netflix. (Photo via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures)

Halloween Movies Goosebumps

3. Goosebumps: Take a trip down memory lane with our favorite spooky series from the ’90s. Sure, we might be grownups now, but there are still a few episodes that really give us the creeps. You can find it streaming on Netflix. (Photo via Disney-ABC Television)

Halloween Movies Rosemarys Baby

4. Rosemary’s Baby: If this movie doesn’t make you squirm, then you’re a horror movie champion. Based on the 1967 bestselling novel, this psychological horror flick is definitely a Halloween staple. It’s up for streaming on Netflix. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)

Halloween Movies the Exorcist

5. The Exorcist: Arguably the scariest movie of all time, this is a flick we don’t recommend watching alone. Whether it’s a date-night pick or you’ve got your BFFs over to clutch your hand, you can bet on shrieking a few times while you watch. It’s available for streaming on Netflix. (Photo via Warner Bros.)

Halloween Movies The Munsters

6. The Munsters: Forget Leave It to Beaver — the Munsters are the ultimate family of the 1960s. Excuse us while we obsess over everything in Marilyn’s closet. Join in on the fun and catch it streaming on Netflix. (Photo via NBC)

Nightmare BEfore Christmas

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas: This Halloween (and holiday) classic is worth watching all year long. Sing along with Jack, Sally and the rest of Halloweentown as they try their hand at celebrating a new holiday. It’s available for streaming on Netflix. (Photo via Touchstone Pictures)

Halloween Sabrina The Teenage

8. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Imagine finding out that you’re a witch on your 16th birthday. Pretty cool, right? This ’90s classic featuring our girl Melissa Joan Hart and her sassy cat Salem still has us wishing for magical powers of our own. You can stream it through Amazon Prime Instant Video. (Photo via CBS)

Halloween Scream

9. Scream: The late Wes Craven wasn’t playing games with this film. The ultimate slasher flick had us pining for Skeet Ulrich and terrified to answer our landline for weeks. Relive the magic by streaming it on Netflix. (Photo via Dimension Films)

Halloween The Shining

10. The Shining: This 1980 film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel is a total mind trip. Jack Torrance and his family move into a hotel and experience the “shining” memories of everything that’s happened in the building. Pro tip: Definitely don’t watch it before bed. It’s available for streaming on Amazon Prime Instant Video. (Photo via Warner Bros.)

Halloween X Files

11. The X-Files: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully = #relationshipgoals. Follow along with these two FBI agents as they uncover mysteries and shed light on the supernatural and extraterrestrial world. Not bingeing on an entire season will be your biggest challenge. It’s available for streaming on Netflix. (Photo via 20th Television)

Got any scary movies we forgot to add to our streaming queue? Let us know in the comments!