Hitting a Halloween party store in the month of October is a little like heading to the mall right around the holidays — totally chaotic. Avoid the crowds by browsing our B + C shop instead. We’ve curated all the items you need to become your most boo-tiful this season. Here, ten top picks to make it through all your costume parties in style.


1. Silver Glitter Hairspray ($6): If you’re hairstyle-challenged, an easy way to experiment outside your comfort zone is to kick it up with glitter hairspray. This size is super portable so you can just toss it in your bag.


2. Ben Nye Makeup Wheel ($15): When you’re getting ready with your besties this season, the last thing you want to deal with is last year’s crusty old palette. Take charge by scooping up this four-in-one wheel. The mix of colors works well for a variety of costumes.


3. Black Fishnet Stockings ($7): This one is an obvious go-to. Pro tip: pick up two pairs so you’re prepared in case of random snags.


4. Electric Yellow Wig ($30): If colored hairspray just won’t do the job, snag an epic wig like this one. Your costume just got a whole lot cooler.


5. All-Seeing Eyes Nail Wraps ($12): Halloween is one of the few days of the year when you can really go wild. Pick up a set of these nail wraps and take your costume to the next level.


6. Jacquard Textile Fabric Paint ($5): Give your costume a unique flair by adding a little paint. This Jacquard Textile paint comes in a bunch of colors. Go ahead, take your pick.


7. Cat Eye Kit ($35): Get the perfect cat eye that will last for a full night of trick-or-treating with this kit. Bonus: You can use this even after the holiday is over.


8. Graffiti Fabric Marker Set ($15): Fabric markers make every DIY easier. Dream up the ideal print for your costume and paint it on with this graffiti fabric marker set.


9. Temporary Hair Chalk Set ($14): Opt for temporary hair chalk to give your locks a little somethin’ somethin’. Trust us, it’s *all* about the details.


10. White Horse Head Mask ($32): And when in doubt, add a horse head mask to your costume. You’ll be galloping into the party with the easiest costume ever… no supplies needed!

What are you being for Halloween this year? Chat with us in the comments below.