Art, at its best, makes us look at the world differently around us. When you combine food and art, the possibilities are endless, as Instagram has proven multiple times. And, now a new creative is causing a stir with her edible portraits.

Nigerian artist Haneefah Adam is changing the way we look at African food. Literally. Adam reimagines ingredients in traditional Nigerian meals into thoughtful masterpieces. Paying homage to the beauty of African women, the plates show the possibility of strategically placing your vegetables, bread, plantains, protein, rice, and even spice. To all the moms who tell their kids not to play with their food, take that!

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In an Instagram post honoring a Nigerian musician with dried pepper, Adam wrote the caption, “I’ve been making food art for about three years now, before the competition, I never really explored Nigerian dishes/food for my food art, the possibilities I discovered now were amazing! Looking forward to exploring this medium more.”

She submitted the portrait above of a woman made out of the ingredients of her family’s version of ogbono soup to the Tech Meets Art Nigeria. In the soup and the portrait, the ogbono seed is the star ingredient, but the red onion and pepper stands out making what seems to be a head scarf. The veggies don’t end there: The woman wears a necklace made out of okra.

The caption reads, “Using all the ingredients of this South East Nigerian delicacy, the portrait expresses and celebrates the beauty of an African woman and her uniqueness as a vibrant and colorful spirit. She’s a beautiful strong woman that wears her deep sense of heritage with pride.”

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