Dear JK Rowling,

Thank you for bringing magic, quidditch, butterbeer and Ron Weasley into our lives. Also, thank you for keeping the magic alive long after the release of Deathly Hallows 鈥 I mean, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, *and* helping muggles discover their very own Patronus on Pottermore?! You are a bottomless well of generosity. Although we can never *truly* repay you for the wonderful wizarding world you鈥檝e shared with us, the least we can do is throw parties in Harry鈥檚 (and your) honor. Often.

Harry Potter Party

Enter the girliest, most charming Harry Potter-themed bash ever. Turns out all you need is a bunch of glitter, subtle allusions to plotlines, some eager fans and a bit of DIY for a magical gathering perfect for Halloween 鈥 or any given Tuesday ;) Scroll on for more tips and tricks!


Psst 鈥 see that very, very girly broom? It鈥檚 made out of tassel garlands and a roll of wrapping paper ;) DIY FTW.


First tip: Spell out your favorite HP quote with mylar balloons for a simple party backdrop-slash-photo booth. Few can forget that fateful moment Hagrid told HP, 鈥淵er a wizard, Harry,鈥 鈥 for us, it perfectly sums up the nostalgic joy we have for the entire series. All the feels.

Harry Potter Party

Not into the wizarding robes? Tell your guests to don their favorite party clothes, then be at the ready with accessories galore to bring in the Hogwarts vibes, like tiny wizarding hats, Harry鈥檚 classic specs, gold glitter lightning bolts and DIY Hogwarts house badges.


Whip together simple Hogwarts house badges with felt, a hot glue gun and a pin back, then parcel 鈥檈m out to your guests upon arrival. They double as decor *and* party favors 鈥 smart, huh?


Add magical details throughout the party, like this creepy trail of spiders we added to our bar cart. Bonus points: String all the spiders on a fishing line and pull when no one is expecting it 鈥 you鈥檒l be sure to freak out your friends!


We couldn鈥檛 help but include a Pinterest favorite :) Aside from the go-to butterbeer and pumpkin juice, Expecto PATRONum cocktails are a must.


There you have it 鈥 a Harry Potter-themed party for the sparkly, glittery witches and wizards in all of us. Cheers!

Production + Styling: Maddie Bachelder

Photography: Chris Andre

Models: Irene Lee, Elena Buenrostro, Cortney Clift + Rosee Canfield