From strawberry cheesecakes to decadent donut towers, is there anything you CAN鈥橳 do with cake? The latest trend we鈥檙e loving, #BookCakes, successfully combines two of our all-time favorite hobbies: reading and baking.

Here鈥檚 an inspiring and delicious Instagram roundup of some of the best cakes we鈥檝e seen that are way too good to eat (a lot of talent out there!):


1. Cakemojo: Please, please tell us that Rob and Katie work at Penguin Books! What a chic, elegant, and cheeky wedding cake. (Photo via @cakemojo)


2. Night聽Kitchen Bakery: A childhood favorite, Chika Chika Boom Boom makes for a bright, fun way to celebrate a four-year-old鈥檚 birthday. Bonus points that the Insta handle is named after In the Night Kitchen! (Photo via @nightkitchenbakery)


3. Simon Lee Bakery: Gus is getting a REALLY special first birthday cake. How cute is that worm? (Photo via @simonleebakery)


4. Velvet Cake Affair: Not surprisingly, Harry Potter is a super popular theme when it comes to #bookcakes. (Photo via @velvetcakeaffair)


5. @Julie_emm_cakes: The details here are incredible. What a delicious way to revisit the classics! (Photo via @Julie_emm_cakes)


6. @pepperscatering: We not only love this realistic-looking cake, but we love that a teenage girl is really into reading. Amanda, we salute your choice of book! (Photo via @pepperscatering)


7. @honeydreambaker: One of our favorite YA novels is now in cake form, complete with earbuds. This one is (almost!) definitely too good to eat. (Photo via @honeydreambaker)


8. @brownsfondantcakes: Ok, y鈥檃ll, this is an adorable baby shower cake. Kareen Jamar Johnson, the world awaits you. (Photo via @brownsfondantcakes)


9. @charmcitycakes: Duff Goldman of the infamous Charm City Cakes would of course do a great cake, but we鈥檙e so happy that its one of our favorite action gals, Wonder Woman. The attention to detail here is outrageous. (Photo via @charmcitycakes)

Tell us in the comment section below which books you鈥檇 bake up!