Even in a world filled with awesome smartwatches, we love kickin鈥 it old school with simple timepieces from time to time (pun intended). And of course, the quirkier the better. That鈥檚 exactly what we found in the HDDWatch. It鈥檚 sure to add a little techy flare to the rest of your blingin鈥 arm.


Though the聽pictures may be deceiving, the HDDWatch, which stands for Hard Disk Drive, isn鈥檛 an actual working hard drive. HDDWatch creator, Jean Jerome, wants you to rest assured that the only way you can save anything to this watch or set up a reminder is by sticking a Post-It on it. Instead, this is just one cool-looking piece of arm candy, made from an obsolete, old-school hard drive and other bits and pieces of tech. Jerome聽plans to personally hand make each watch for every pledge on his Indiegogo campaign. The first 300 watches are even numbered, but only 280 of those are up for grabs, seeing as he kept 20 for his besties and鈥 his dog.


Jerome has raised over $48,000 鈥 an incredibly impressive feat considering his modest goal of $4,300. The $4,300 was sufficient enough for Jerome to begin production on the first 500 HDDWatches and to create watch cases as well, but it looks like he鈥檚 going to have to make a lot more than 500 watches.

If you鈥檙e lovin鈥 the circuit board wristband and the sleek look of the face, you can pledge $208 to receive your own HDDWatch here.

We鈥檙e thinking 聽we would pair the HDDWatch with simple bangles. How about you?