We’re all for looking through photo journals, getting inspired to travel, exploring new cities around the world and just looking a little closer at the magical scenes playing out in our own backyards. And as beautiful as those experiences are, we have to say we’re kind of jealous of this amazing photographer’s awe-inspiring project. Dare we say we’re maybe a bit head over heels?

You see, photographer Anton Charushin isn’t your average photographer. He won’t settle for just a pretty scene. So he started posting pictures of himself doing headstands at the places he visited.

Charushin, who runs the Instagram account @stolybyshkin, didn’t want to “take the same old ‘me-and-something-beautiful-in-the-beautiful’ photos.” We can safely say that he’s heads and shoulders beyond that.

Charushin used to be a breakdancer and claims to only need a small piece of flat land (or tile or grass or sand or rooftop) to pose. He has snapped shots on roofs, castle tops, cliffs and more.

While you work on perfecting your headstand, check out Charushin’s gorgeous photos in the meantime. You won’t be disappointed.

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(h/t Design Taxi)