Hosting brunch doesn鈥檛 have to involve a slew of cheesy casseroles or indulgent desserts (not that there鈥檚 anything wrong with that). There are plenty of lightened-up frittatas and frilly eggs Benedict recipes out there to keep things exciting and wholesome. Read on for 15 wholesome eats that will get your weekend started off just right.

very breakfast

1. Flatbread Breakfast Pizza: Pizza for breakfast 鈥 we鈥檝e all done it. An actual breakfast pizza, however, seems like a dream; pinch us. This glorious flatbread is topped with a tangy tomato pur茅e, greens, creamy avocado and perfectly cooked eggs. (via Very Breakfast)

almond to zest

2. Smashed Pea and Asparagus Breakfast Bagels: Dressed-up bagels are the perfect weekend treat to indulge in, but, since it鈥檚 topped with greens, it鈥檚 still a healthy option. (via Almond to Zest)

3. Healthy Superfood Pancakes: The words 鈥渉ealthy鈥 and 鈥減ancakes鈥 in the same sentence? We鈥檙e into it! These cakes are made with super nutritious ingredients, then topped with even more wholesome goodies, like goji berries and matcha powder. Nothing to feel guilty about here. (via Domestic Gothess)

4. Black Cherry Breakfast Parfait: As soon as you sink your spoon into this work of art, you鈥檒l find layer upon layer of different textures like jellied chia seeds, creamy yogurt and crunchy granola. (via Vegetarian Department)

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5. Pesto Egg White Omelette With Goat Cheese: If you鈥檙e looking for a healthy dose of protein, you鈥檝e found it in the best way. This fast and simple GF option brings you a tasty blend of chicken, goat cheese and nutty pesto. Low carb never looked quite so good. (via Food Faith Fitness)

maria ushakova

6. Healthy Sweet Potatoes Waffles: You鈥檙e totally going to want to l鈥檈ggo your Eggo when you see this beauty of a sweet potato waffle. They鈥檙e a cinch to make and pair well with all that is sweet *and* savory. (via Maria Ushakova)

courtneys sweets

7. Oatmeal Breakfast Banana Split: Get extravagant this weekend and throw together some delicious and nutritious banana breakfast splits! With a healthful mix of fruit and oats, this concoction is totally a smart choice, and the kids will go, well, bananas. (via Courtney鈥檚 Sweets)

the full helping

8. Cultured Breakfast Macro Bowls: This gut-healthy bowl of goodness is comfort food perfection and, as luck would have it, just happens to be incredibly good for you. It鈥檚 full of wholesome root veggies, greens, beans and brown rice. (via The Full Helping)

barefoot housewife

9. The Green Smoothie Bowl: For some, the smoothie bowl trend had its 15 minutes of fame. For others, it鈥檚 still going strong and is everything that is practical and delightful. No matter which group you identify with, these lavish bowls are too good to resist. (via The Barefoot Housewife)

yummy addiction

10. Broccoli Pancakes With Spinach and Parmesan Cheese: We鈥檝e witnessed savory waffles, but savory pancakes are the meal-of-the-moment, and we couldn鈥檛 be more excited. Made with hearty broccoli, healthful spinach and sharp Parmesan, these bad boys would pair wonderfully with some Bloody Marys, amirite? (via Yummy Addiction)

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11. Chorizo Butternut Pizza Hash With Baked Eggs: Breakfast skillet meals are known for being big on flavor, and this one is no exception. With salty chorizo, soft butternut and runny baked eggs, this option will have you thinking you鈥檙e being bad even though you鈥檙e being OH-SO good. (via Paleo Running Momma)

fit mitten kitchen

12. Kale Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Egg Bake: Your family and friends will be completely head over heels for this fluffy and tasty low-carb egg bake. Saut茅ed kale and tangy goat cheese are mixed with whole eggs and egg whites, then topped with yummy sun-dried tomatoes. (via Fit Mitten Kitchen)

13. Winter Fruit Muesli: If you thought it impossible to get bright and fruity mid-winter, think again. This vegan and GF winter-inspired muesli is topped with pomegranate seeds and orange slices to give you the boost you need. (via Catching Seeds)

the pastiche

14. French Lentils With Lemon Vinaigrette, Feta and Poached Egg: Throwing the word 鈥淔rench鈥 into anything makes it sound chic, but this dish has the flavor profile to back it up. Wholesome French lentils are tossed in a bright and lemony vinaigrette before being topped with feta and a silky poached egg. Substantial, yet luxurious. (via Pastiche)

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15. Greens and Brie Egg White Frittata: Brie is heavenly, and when blended into a pillowy frittata, it will send you straight into a euphoric state. The highest of fives to the brunch option that combines healthy and indulgent. (via Brewing Happiness)

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