Arguably the biggest challenge of eating healthy is knowing what to do when you *really* don’t feel like cooking. Part of the issue is skipping on things like quick pasta recipes and other easy-to-make meals (though you shouldn’t deprive yourself ALL the time — moderation is key!). While there are plenty of takeout recipes you can make at home, sometimes you just need something quick, healthy and affordable. Enter the infographic below! Tape this simple reference to your fridge to remind yourself of all the easy, five-ingredient healthy meals at your disposal.


So, basically, if you have a few essentials on hand, it’s easy to make these super simple recipes. Keep frozen shrimp in your freezer and quinoa in your pantry to make a delicious shrimp and quinoa salad. For a nutritious and warming black bean chili, just sauté some ground beef, add a little beef broth and tomato sauce, toss in some frozen corn and black beans, then sprinkle with chili powder. Or, if you’re feeling like soup, just toss some leeks, diced sweet potatoes, diced ham, chicken broth and evaporated milk into a pot and let it simmer for 30-40 minutes. See? Eating healthy can truly be easy!

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