Mmm, food, glorious food. This summer we’ve been into everything from turkey chili to Tex-Mex and summer soups. It seems like our hard work testing out all these delicious, fun and (mostly) healthy recipes for you will pay off — according to a new study by Cornell University researchers, the more adventurous you are with your food, the healthier you are.


The study claims that those who were more experimental with their cuisine had a lower Body Mass Index (BMI), which helps measure the amount of body fat you have to determine obesity. The 502 women in the study who identified as being willing to try new things also identified as being more aware of healthy choices, more physically active and more social eaters.


These findings could lead picky eaters to discover new strategies for losing or maintaining weight, says the study, without having to feel the restrictions and deprivation of a diet. Sounds good to us! Anyone up for some taco donuts!?

What’s the most adventurous food you’ve tried? Tell us in the comments!

(h/t Tech Times)