There are a dizzying number of healthy food recipe sites these days, each with its own approach to eating. Most seem to be about avoiding this or that food group, then posting a lot of Instagram photos of look-alike meals. Squash that looks like spaghetti, eggs that look like bread, foamed coconut juice that looks like milk and cauliflower that looks like pizza crust anyone? We’re not going to delve into the science behind dwarf wheat worries or animal protein pros and cons or the questionable benefits of soy. The research is out there in plenty, and we’ll leave it up to you to research and make you own choices. If you are trying to eat and live more healthfully, we are in your corner, ready to be your biggest cheerleaders. Go you! One thing we can all be 100% certain about when it comes to healthy eating: Eating unprocessed foods without a lot of additives — simple food cooked simply — is an unequivocal win.

Over at Naturally ELLA, Erin Alderson is cooking up lentil enchiladas that will put the kibosh on cravings for fast-food in a healthy way. Erin launched her blog after her father experienced a health scare and she realized that she needed to hit the restart button on her own health habits, with her first goal to give up fast food. Her blog offers vegan and vegetarian recipes by category (breakfast, lunch, dinner), but also a unique vegetable lookup that we find helpful when our CSA farm box sends us a surprise bundle of zucchini that we don’t know what to do with. Erin is a vegan who doesn’t count calories, carbs, fat or protein. But her exercise and eat well philosophy is one that we can get behind.

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(Photo via Naturally ELLA)