We all laughed at Pippin’s obsession with the seven hobbit mealtimes in Lord of the Rings, but the hobbit had it right when it comes to second breakfast. A new study published in Pediatric Obesity made a splash for finding that two breakfasts are better than none in terms of weight loss. The authors give the plausible reason as this: When we don’t jumpstart our morning with breakfast, we have a tendency to overeat later. And it turns out many people aren’t taking advantage of our awesome make-ahead breakfast recipes (jk), with a new study by Instantly showing that more than half of Americans skip breakfast at least once a week.

“Typically, at the point of being hungry, we reach for snacks that are high in fats, sugar and sodium,” says Rebecca Lewis, nutritionist for HelloFresh, a leading healthy meal-kit delivery service. Opting for a second breakfast? You’ll want to look for high-quality foods that give you energy and keep hunger cravings in check. Here are four nutritionists’ top picks for healthy second breakfasts.


1. Strawberry Smoothies: “If I need something I can eat on the run, I love blending together low-fat cottage cheese, frozen strawberries, spinach, vanilla and ice for a thick and creamy smoothie,” says dietician Erin Palinski-Wade, author of Belly Fat Diet For Dummies. “The cottage cheese provides 13 grams of protein and 90 calories per ½ cup to fill me up, while the fiber from the fruit and vegetables will help provide steady energy all morning long.”


2. Hot Cereal with Toppings: “A big bowl of hot cereal (e.g. oats, quinoa, or whole grain rice) topped with fresh berries, apples or bananas with spices such as cinnamon and cardamom, sprinkled with nuts or seeds, makes for a perfectly hearty and well-rounded second breakfast that will keep you full for hours,” says Julieanna Hever, a plant-based dietitian and author of The Vegiterranean Diet and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition. If you take your hot cereal with milk, use almond milk, or experiment with other varieties like rice or cashew milk to see which you like best.

3. Scrambled Egg + Avocado + Whole Wheat Tortilla: When it comes to breakfast numero dos, we love the idea of a quick roll-up brimming with nutrients and flavor. “Whole grains are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin B. Surprisingly, avocados have more fiber than any other fruit or veggie; one medium avocado has approximately 50 percent of our daily recommended fiber intake. Eggs are low in calories and high in protein (6-7 grams per egg). Combined, these ingredients provide valuable nutrients and are sure to keep you full and help avoid hunger cravings,” says Lewis.


4. Cereal Medley: “Some mornings I just want a crunch! So I mix together no-sugar-added dried fruit, 100 percent whole grain cereal and chopped walnuts for a salty and sweet trail mix that keeps me going,” offers Palinski-Wade. “The fiber from the cereal and fruit paired with the unsaturated fat from the walnuts helps to keep my appetite and blood sugar balanced. For tough mornings (like Mondays!), I add in one tablespoon of dark chocolate chips for an extra treat.”

5. Greek Yogurt + Almonds + Honey: Prep this recipe in a Tupperware container the night before, and throw it in the fridge when you get to work to have on hand for your second breakfast. “In general, yogurt is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B12, calcium and a good source of probiotics,” comments Lewis. Just make sure to look for a natural, unsweetened variety of Greek yogurt, and don’t skip the nuts. “Almonds can actually help to control your weight. While it may seem odd, diets that include moderate amounts of nuts (which, although higher in fat and calories, are also high in protein and fiber) help prevent hunger pangs that typically lead to snacking and over-eating,” adds Lewis.

6. Whole Wheat Toast With 1/2 a Banana. Add a dash of cinnamon to round out this simple and speedy second breakfast, suggests Lewis. Add some peanut or almond butter to bulk it up if you’re extra hungry, or just sprinkle on a handful of nutrient-dense chia seeds. “Whole grains are an excellent source of fiber and B vitamins, while bananas are a healthy balance of carbs and are a rich source of potassium. Cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar to avoid an energy crash later,” says Lewis.

7. Veggie Tofu Scramble. You might just be asking for, well… seconds of this second breakfast that’s totally plant-based. “A tofu scramble made with your favorite veggies chopped up with crumbled tofu, turmeric, nutritional yeast, onion and garlic powders, plus fresh herbs like parsley, offers an incredibly satisfying savory breakfast,” says Hever. “Add sprouted whole grain toast or tortillas, fresh fruit and even a side of hash brown potatoes and/or tempeh bacon to complete the meal.” Thanks to fueling smartly, that 7pm pilates class seems like it ain’t no thang, are we right?

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