Now that Valentine’s Day is over, we’re taking stock of our eating habits. We enjoyed our fill of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates, carb-filled meals for two and sipping glass after glass of champagne. While completely delicious, our Valentine’s Day fare wasn’t exactly low-cal. It’s time to reset the clock and get back on track with healthy snacking. We’ve got you covered with the recipes below. From cauliflower breadsticks to triple chocolate granola, these 11 tasty snacks are sure to get your healthy eating back on track.


1. Gluten-Free Cauliflower Breadsticks: Breadsticks, we just can’t quit you. And with this recipe, we don’t have to. Yes, yes there is still a lot of cheese, but with cauliflower replacing the actual flour in the breadstick, the result is a low-carb and seriously tasty breadstick. (via Snapguide Team on Snapguide)


2. Triple Chocolate Granola Bars: With layers of oats, nuts and seeds in this bar, it’s all healthy, all the time. Top your granola bar with a little magic-shell topping to give it a touch of chocolatey goodness. (via Alex Caspero on Snapguide)


3. Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas: When the craving for ice cream hits, just reach for one of these. With chocolate, sprinkles and peanut butter cups galore, it’s definitely better than reaching for that king size Drumstick you have stashed in the freezer. (via Maryanne Cabrera on Snapguide)


4. Gluten-Free Chewy Granola Bars: When you hit that midday slump, power up with one of these gluten-free wonders. In only three quick and easy steps, you’ll be snacking healthy and happy in no time at all. (via Rebekah Kazmierowicz on Snapguide)


5. Oatmeal Creme Pies: Oh my, oatmeal creme pies. Better than Little Debbie’s and easy to make, these tasty sando’s make the best lunchtime dessert when you’re craving something sweet. We say whoopee for that. (via Jessy Ellenberger on Snapguide)


6. Healthy Chocolate Scones: With cocoa, instant coffee, oats and coconut oil, this gluten-free chocolate scone will definitely make you feel like you’ve woken up on the right side of the bed. (via Shashi Charles on Snapguide)


7. Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips: A good batch of apple chips can cure the toughest of sugar cravings. Forget that candy bar and taste a bit of sugar, spice and everything nice. (via Snapguide Team on Snapguide)


8. High Protein Low-Calorie Granola Bars: These protein powered granola bars are a yummy and filling post-workout snack. Oh, and did we mention they’re low calorie too? Granola bars FTW! (via Rebekah Kazmierowicz on Snapguide)


9. Gluten-Free Oven Baked Onion Rings: Onion rings can be an easy thing to make, but deep-frying them takes all the nutrition out of it. If you’re looking for a snack with a bit less guilt, try baking them in the oven instead. (via Kathy Gori on Snapguide)


10. Healthy Poutine: You’ll need to set aside a bit of time for this recipe, but it’s totally worth it. Making your fries from scratch and using low fat cheese makes this dish a healthier alternative to its restaurant counterpart. (via Annie Ai on Snapguide)


11. Bran Muffins: For a sweet start to your morning, make a big batch of THESE. Sweetened with molasses and brown sugar, you won’t believe they’re low calorie. (via Rebekah Kazmierowicz on Snapguide)

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