Bath bombs are having a serious *moment.* Between the Harry Potter-themed Dark Arts bomb that will turn your tub into instant sludge and the stress-reducing Rocket Science bomb Lush released earlier this month, we might never take a regular old bath again! If you thought the craze had already reached peak fandemonium, however, think again, as cult-favorite Hello Kitty has just inserted itself into the mix.

The company behind the Sanrio character has partnered with Fragrant Jewels on a limited-edition line of bath bomb and candle gift sets. While they’re not exactly cheap — both the Bath Bomb Trio and the Candle & Bath Bomb Set will set you back $43 — there’s good reason, as each bomb dissolves to reveal a surprise ring inside. And that’s not all: Three of the rings will be worth (wait for it) a whopping 10K!

That’s right; three lucky customers will walk away with a new piece of bling worth as much as a car just for enjoying a leisurely soak in a tub.

As for the rest, they’ll still be privy to a Heavenly soak in a mix of guava juice and dewy cassis, gardenia, coconut milk, and ginger blossom. Mmm!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be over here, ordering as many sets as our wallets will allow…

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(Photos via Fragrant Jewels)