Nobody likes paying more than they have to 鈥 which is why we鈥檙e constantly on the prowl for any money-saving tricks. When we order things online, we鈥檙e always trying out Honey, our favorite browser hack for saving big bucks. And we鈥檙e big fans of the sales rack. But there鈥檚 one arena we are all definitely spending too much money on: subscriptions. Whether you鈥檙e signing up for streaming services or computer programs, you probably don鈥檛 have to be shelling out.聽In the world of internet subscriptions, here鈥檚 everything you shouldn鈥檛 be paying for online.

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1. Documentaries: If you鈥檙e paying for Netflix just to watch the documentaries, STOP. There鈥檚 a whole website (it鈥檚 called Documentary Heaven) that will get you access to hundreds of documentaries for absolutely free.

2. eBooks: If you鈥檙e constantly looking for something to read on your commute, stop shelling out and take a look at Project Gutenberg. It鈥檚 got over 53,000 free eBooks available for instant download. Also: Members of Amazon Prime get access to tons of eBooks for free too.

3. Music: If you can put up with ads, you can get free access to songs with Spotify, SoundCloud, 8tracks or Pandora.

4. Charity: Make the internet work for you and donate money to amazing organizations 鈥 without shelling out a single cent. We love Free Rice and goodsearch聽to do good without denting your wallet.

5. Photoshop: If your photo editing needs aren鈥檛 really worth $10/month (Adobe鈥檚 fee), there are plenty of free options around. Try Pixlr, Foto Flexer聽or even just the great editing options available with Google Plus.

6. Classes: You can learn a language for free with Duolingo. You can learn to code with Codecademy.聽Or you can take a free college class on practically any subject with Coursera. A good education shouldn鈥檛 cost an arm and a leg.

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