One of the biggest complaints from Netflix users is that it’s often missing that one special show or movie we wanted to watch (no doubt thanks to its new 50 percent original ratio). With a constant stream of shows both leaving the service and joining it month after month, it can be hard to keep up with what’s available, but if the search section isn’t yielding what you’re craving, what’s a guy or girl to do? We want to stay legit (illegal downloads certainly aren’t the answer!), so how do we get Netflix to stand up and take notice of the stuff we’re missing out on? As it turns out, there’s actually a way to do just that.

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We’ve wrongfully assumed for years that we were at the whims of Netflix execs as to exactly what shows we’d like to see on the network, but with a little-known page in the company’s help section of the website, you can actually request titles that aren’t currently available. Talk about a whole new world!


Including a spot for up to three titles, you can request any TV shows or movies you want in as little as 10 seconds. That doesn’t mean you should flood the server with 20,000 request for the same show, however (*ahem*, The OC): The landing page asks that you only request a show or movie once. From there, they’ll keep you up to date on any changes, or if they can get the streaming rights to your choice.

Perhaps even cooler is a buried link to more information on exactly what it takes to get a show’s rights to air on Netflix, just in case you were ever wondering why some titles (like anything from HBO or certain film selections) won’t EVER stream on the service.

Still, if there’s any hope at all for say, Moonlight to hit our streams anytime soon, we’d be all for it. *Making request.*

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(h/t Refinery29, photos via Netflix + Carlos Alvarez/Getty)