There’s been a revolution of self-care and taking time for yourself, and we have to say, we’re super excited about it. As women, we often put others first, but it’s so important to give yourself that same love. It brings balance and stability to your life and helps you be a better friend, partner, and family member to everyone around you. We like to focus on three main aspects of self-care: nurturing food, sweaty exercises, and quiet time to ourselves. If one of these is missing, we don’t feel like our best selves. Check out our tips below to nurture and love YOU!

LOVE food

Keepin’ it lean, clean, and green is one of the main principles of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. Giving your body the love it needs with healthy fruits and veggies is super simple (and tasty!). Start your morning off with a li’l fruit and protein. This combo will give your body the energy it needs to recover post-workout and build beautiful lean muscle. We’re currently obsessed with THIS smoothie recipe. It’s blueberry goodness with a kick of peanut butter. Yum.

Around lunch time, healthy fat and protein will help keep mid-afternoon munchies at bay while providing vitamins and minerals to keep your hair and skin looking fab. Avocado is a great addition because it’s packed with the antioxidant powerhouse vitamin E, which has anti-aging properties. Try THIS Tone It Up HQ fave. To make our dinners delish while sticking to the Plan, we add tons of yum spices like in THIS falafel recipe. Gimme.

LOVE exercise

Start every day with gettin’ your bod moving! Exercising first thing in the morning, whether it be a full sweat sesh or a walk with your dogs around the block, is important to increase your metabolism, raise energy levels, and give you a boost of those feel-good hormones like serotonin.

If you have a desk job where you sit often, find excuses to get up and walk around. Offer to pick up everyone’s coffee in your office for a mid-afternoon standing break. You’ll get brownie points with your work pals, and you’ll get a bit of a workout added to your day!

You can use our free Daily Workout feature HERE to find exactly what to do each day (including active rest days!).


LOVE life

Karena and I meditate every day. And bonus: A study found that meditation helps you achieve your weight loss goals. But meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in a quiet room with your eyes closed. Do what works for you and allows you to be fully in the moment and present. Working out, hiking, yoga, deep breathing, cooking, and positive affirmations are all great ways to add some zen to your life.

You can also try our simple guide to meditation HERE.

Want even more info on how to keep your body happy? Join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! We have thousands of recipes to give your bod the nutrients it needs to keep the good vibes comin’.

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